Manage Employees Attendance using Simple Time Clock Software

You pay full-time salary to your employees. So, you want them to work in their working hours as you paid for it. But, not all employees are sincere enough to understand this. They come late, leave early, take longer breaks, keep scrolling through social media and don’t work with their full dedication. If you want to track such employees and enforce work discipline to your overall business model then the easiest way is to install a Time Clock Software.

Time clock Software is a system that is used by organizations to record the working hours of employees. Typically, Time Clock software contains the functionalities like employee scheduling, leave management, task management, paid time off, etc. Organizations generally use the Simple Time Clock software to avoid time theft and buddy punching. Aside from just tracking time these security features are also necessary to avoid loss.

However, the traditional Time-clock software have several flaws which are being exploited by notorious employees. Firstly, they are complicated to setup and use. Then, they are restricted to one location or system. Moreover, you require to have a dedicated server working 24×7 and above all, they can be tricked. Buddy Punch is bridging the gaps of all these problems and finally providing businesses a perfect solution to track employees.

BuddyPunch Tracking

What is Buddy Punch?

Buddy Punch is a powerful cloud-based online time clock solution for tracking and managing employee time while still being easy to use and navigate. You can get users stated very quickly. Employees are just required to visit the website for all their punching needs and the site can be viewed from any internet connected devices.

In comparison to the traditional time clock programs that are usually installed on dedicated devices, Buddy Punch enables workers to clock in and clock out each day without having to line up before the clocking device, as they can do so from their workstation.


Top Features of Buddy Punch

Being an online attendance system, Buddy Punch is packed with all the functionalities of traditional time card tools along with additional integration options and mobile implementations that is necessary to address today’s workforce. Here are some of the general features that are available with all the plans:

  1. Job Codes: You can easily create and assign job codes for your employees to punch into. In case you need more than one job code to assign to your employees then you can create a job code list to select from. This will help you to monitor the amount of time spent on each job code reflected on your employee’s time card and reports.
  2. Locations: If you have offices or job sites at various locations then you can keep a track of your employees attendance by asking your employees to select the location that they are working from and punch in and out from their workstation accordingly. The amount of time spent will be reflected in the reports.
  3. Notifications: Buddy Punch has the facility to send notifications to administrators, managers, and employees. If employees request a time change or they are punched out by the software automatically you will get a notification via email. Employees can be alerted via mail when the time card or paid time off is approved.
  4. Overtime Calculations: Buddy Punch provides more than a dozen of OT calculation mixes to facilitate your OT Calculations. You can also create custom rules as and when required.
  5. PTO/Sick/Vacation: Administrators and Managers can update the PTO for their employees or they can allow their employees to enter PTO on their time card. Administrator or the Manager has the required flexibility to approve or decline the PTO.
  6. Reports: Buddy Punch provides several different kinds of reports which can be customized to suit the needs of your organization. The reports can be exported in Excel and PDF formats and you can export the reports whenever you require.
  7. Webcam: The webcam feature allows you to capture the picture of the employee intuitively when they punch in or punch out. You can refer to the employee time card to ensure that their buddies do not punch in or out on behalf of them, to stop buddy punching in your organization.
  8. Apps: Buddy Punch is available in mobile apps in both Android as well as iOS platforms. This ensures that when your employee is on the road their attendance is also tracked. You have the flexibility to choose the mobile apps which is an optional feature.

Along with these features, you will find other necessary features like automatic breaks to help you monitor accurately your employee’s breaks. Single Sign-On (SSO), GPS to track the GPS location of the employees, IP Address lock, Punch Rounding, QR codes, QuickBooks integration, Time card approvals, PTO Accruals, Job Costing, OT alerts, Duration entry, Geofences. It can be integrated with QuickBooks, Paychex and SurePayroll to make your experience with Buddy Punch smooth and without hiccups.

Buddy Punch Plans & Pricing

Pricing is another benefit that companies can take leverage of. Buddy Punch comes in several product plans depending on company size and, or, number of employees. You can pick a plan to suit your company’s size without going overboard with the budget. Here are the plans for you:

No. of Employees

Time and Attendance Time and attendance + Scheduling





$34/mo $44/mo


$39/mo $49/mo
$15-19 $49/mo


20-24 $55/mo



$65/mo $75/mo


$79/mo $99/mo


$89/mo $129/mo
50-69 $119/mo


70-99 $169/mo


100-149 $239/mo


150-199 $359/mo


All plans include:

  • Unlimited Administrators
  • iOS and Android Apps
  • Job Codes
  • GPS Position and Geofences
  • Facial Recognition.

The Takeaway

The biggest benefit of Buddy Punch is undoubtedly its ease of use. The time attendance system allows employees to punch in and out from any web browser or mobile device so your employees need not troop over one PC to clock in and out. You can simply assign an employee a user name and password or give him a QR code to scan via smartphone or webcam.

The mobile app includes GPS tracking which is really helpful for employers who employ remote workers. Aside from clocking options, the system enables employees to correct errors in their time cards through the employee portal with corrections pending approval from the managers while in other applications it requires the administrator to make all the changes.

Mobile App

The employee dashboard is very easy to navigate and simple to enable employees to submit their time card without complexity. The messages and the time show up in the same report. If an employee makes errors like forgetting to clock out, the software has a built-in measure to rectify the mistake to make the punch in and out seamless for employees.

For administrators, Buddy Punch comes up with a user-friendly dashboard that makes time management and monitoring a glide. The bottom line is that the software is user-friendly, very well designed, intuitive and focused on employees to make their clocking seamless without any gimmicks or gotchas.


With all these features in place, Buddy Punch is an essential time clock software that you should buy in order to increase productivity among employees exponentially. However, if you’re still in doubt and want to try it first then you can do so for free as Buddy Punch is providing a 30-days free trial for businesses to try its service.

So, go ahead, try it out and when satisfied, go for the full version of Buddy Punch time clock software.

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