How to recover deleted files from a USB flash drive on a Mac?

Flash drive recovery mac

Almost everyone at some point faced the problem of losing files on USB flash drive. It’s usually quite difficult to restore them, however, this article will try to discuss the most popular and rational methods that will help to save your time.

The most simple options – look in the trash, it often helps to find necessary files. Another option is to use a backup. The inability to use such methods makes it necessary to search for new solutions. The most rational option is the use of specialized software.

Recover corrupted files using specialized software

A popular way is to use Disk Drill MacDisk Drill. Thanks to this utility, you can recover data from not only internal but also external storage of Mac. It also provides an opportunity to re-access the USB drive. This program can effectively recover corrupted files because it uses special algorithms. Different parts of the drive are scanned, which allows you to get access to necessary files in the shortest time.

Thanks to Disk Drill for Mac, the process of files recovery is held really quickly, and the effectiveness of the operations performed has been proven in practice. Scanning will help you find files that can be accessed again in a few seconds.

An in-depth analysis will allow you to find additional data. The USB recovery software for Mac is safe for the gadget. Thanks to this, you can perform operations in a convenient format and don’t pay attention to possible costs. To get access to the information you need, you should make a few steps:

  1. Download Disk Drill. Its installation is done automatically. Today, the free version of the software is available for all users.
  2. Insert the USB drive.
  3. Run Disk Drill and choose the necessary USB drive.
  4. Scan the chosen element.
  5. Run the necessary algorithms of Disk Drill and press ‘Recover’

To make the flash drive recovery Mac faster, just choose the type of file you want to find. After the scanning is complete, you can view the list of data found. More options of file recovery are available to PRO version users.

Recover data from flash drive Mac inconvenient format

After the restoration has been completed, it is necessary to select a folder to place the new files. It’s best to use the main disk of your device. This will keep the information intact, and you won’t lose important data again.

Thanks to Disk Drill, you will be able to recover USB drive Mac PC has very:

  • quickly;
  • safe;
  • stable;

However, it’s always better to prevent the loss of information. For this, it’s recommended to use multiple drives. This will help to unload the main disk and create necessary conditions for more convenient and really high-quality recovery in the future.

Today, the usb on Mac is an absolutely necessary device. Fast and convenient data transfer is carried out thanks to it. To prevent the loss of important information, you can enable the write protection. This will protect the USB flash drive from scammers. This can be done via specialized utilities for the operating system.

It’s also better to mark the drive. This will prevent accidental formatting of the disk and, accordingly, protect your data. Another good option for saving information is backups. Thanks to Time Machine, it will be possible to save important information and not to worry about its safety and security in the future.

As you can see, it is pretty easy to recover data from flash drive mac has. Thanks to the advanced technology, even a damaged drive will be quickly restored. It is better to spend a few minutes of your time in advance in order to forget about all the potential difficulties that you may encounter later. The process of flash drive recovery Mac computer might need using the presented utility is a good opportunity not to overpay and re-gain access to the information you need. Now, such procedures take only a few minutes, and the recovered data is stored in a truly reliable and convenient place for you, from where they should no longer be lost.

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