Mobile Advertising Technology and The Most Popular Mobile Ad Network

Mobile advertising is the same changing as fashion: some trends come and gone in a second, others return after a while and some are just appearing and evaluating.

Businesses should obligatory include mobile into their strategies as if remember Bill Gates’ words:

If you are not on mobile, you are not in business.

The advertising tendencies are changing so fast that even experienced marketers can lose some puzzles from the picture. You certainly dig out something interesting from time to time, but your picture of the world can be torn or incomplete. Luckily, we always keep up with the times and will share with you the list of latest mobile ad technology trends. Take a cup of your favorite drink and enjoy reading.

Smart mobile campaigns. Yes, we are talking about programmatic. Machine learning altogether with neural networks can now predict users’ behavior, their reaction to the product and the most suitable variant of thousands of ads.

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Growth of mobile fraud and its prevention. It is said to admit, but smart fraud is a result of smart ad campaigns. A decade ago SMS fraud was very popular, while now its new form is CPI (Cost Per Install). There are thousands of variants from creating a fraud app that will drive up the installations and bots doing the same with clicks and display up to the whole “smartphone farms” that successfully imitate all necessary activity the Advertiser will eagerly pay for without any hesitation.

Mobile dynamic remarketing. It has come to us from desktop devices and works in the same style: it memorizes such data as catalog review, its flypage, adding to the cart, purchase and so on. The user can see the same or similar goods in the applications later. CTR here is higher, the reason is very simple: a visitor is relaxed, as he is familiar with this product because it was almost bought before.

New ad formats. It may sound surprising, but even small smartphone screens can become a serious playground for experiments:

  • Instagram stories that look casual and imitate users’ content;
  • Facebook Canvas where a common banner turns out into a colorful interactive canvas after being clicked.

Growth of mobile video consumption. However, there is a tricky point: the number of videos watched has raised, but their length is shorter. It means that people want to get more, but spend less time on it.

Extra short videos will conquer the world, their timing is 3-6 seconds. It is enough to send your message and attract your potential customers.

Advanced online and offline analytics. We already have such an indicator as PVL – Place Visits Lift. It describes which offline points were visited by users after watching the ads online. According to some surveys, it is typical for users to look for information in the online mobile playground, but make a purchase in the real world. The tools that will help to track the effectivity of mobile advertising for offline life will be highly in demand.

As an example: outdoor advertising is displayed on the facade and exactly at the same moment identifiers of mobile devices start checking them in a radius of visibility. After it, the behavior of this test group is tested online: whether they install apps or make purchases. Tomorrow is with these technologies.

AR-technologies. Virtual and augmented realities are top-technologies for IT and online marketing industries. Remember IKEA ads, where people could “try on” some pieces of furniture to their interior. One more variant of realization – opportunity to test fit of clothes. It is certainly terrifying that the difference between real and virtual become very vague, but, at the same time, you can get wow-effect and get a very sustainable benefit in comparison with competitors.

Let’s consider the best mobile ad networks, which are reliable and profitable for both publishers and advertisers.

Top mobile advertising networks

There exist several types of adverts, which are used on various mobile devices. They are as follows:

  • Native adverts – Such advertising is able to adopt the formats and functions of the application it is placed in. The adverts usually look similar to the design of the application. There are download buttons or content ads inserted in the majority of cases.
  • Interstitials – They appear in the application at various transition points. The adverts cover the interface of the application. The users can tap on the adverts in order to open a website for downloading or close the ad to continue using the application.
  • Banners – Such adverts can be shown anywhere in the application layout. The advertising can look like an image or text. The ads appear while the user is watching the content of the application. The adverts are usually refreshed automatically.
  • Video adverts – Such ads look like video clips, which can last up to 60 seconds. They can be shown at any time in the application’s layout. The key purpose of such adverts is to promote definite services or products.
  • OfferWall adverts – They offer something that can engage the application users. For example, it is quite useful for the advertising of the games created by the same developer.

For the effective placement of mobile adverts, it is vital to select appropriate platforms. Now we are going to observe the best mobile app ad networks:

  1. Facebook Ads – Social media is one of the most effective tools for advertising. Facebook is a powerful channel, which is known by billions of users all over the globe. Here it is possible to run a profitable campaign at a moderate price. Besides, good targeting is available with a definite location, gender, interests, education, and other features of the users.
  2. advertising network provides good opportunities for traffic monetization. Here you will find an impressive number of publishers from all over the world. There are also many models offered, so it is allowed launching an advertising campaign at an option. There are also lots of targeting options and stats, which allow measuring your progress.
  3. Snapchat Ads – It is a platform, which is the best to reach a younger audience. There are also many options for accurate targeting and adverts’ creation.
  4. Unity Ads – This platform is created for game developers. It provides options for monetization offering in-app purchases. Here video ads are mostly used.
  5. Applovin – It is a good choice for those, who want to get only high-quality users and analyze the advert campaigns. It is also possible to combine various advert formats.
  6. Mobusi –  It is a well-known platform, which works with users worldwide. It is famous for high conversion rates. There are many ad formats supported by both Android and iOS gadgets.
  7. Apple Search Ads – It is a network owned by Apple. The users are to pay only per install. Using it, your application will be displayed in the top search results leading to the increase in installations.
  8. AdColony – This is a platform for top mobile publishers. It is known for the integration with iOS and Android, demographic targeting, and reach video and media.
  9. Appnext –  Thanks to an impressive database, this platform offers the possibility to reach the viewers all over the world. It follows the actions of the users in order to select the most appropriate audience and show the adverts.
  10. Epom Apps – It is a mediation network, where in-house specialists work. They manage the monetization process allowing improving the profit from the applications.

Have you detected any trends in mobile marketing?

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