Mobile Phones with Integrated Crypto Wallets

The blockchain technology has been catching up with our modern lives more than we can ever imagine. In fact, it has already infiltrated the devices we carry on us all the time and have constant access to.

Many leading smartphone manufacturers have dedicated a large number of resources to produce phones that are responsive to the blockchain technology so that they could tap into the market while it’s still fresh.

crypto wallet

Many would think that this is nothing but a business move, and they’d be right. But as long as it supports the wider adoption of the blockchain, tech enthusiasts will always back any corporate decision.

Let’s take a look at three devices with integrated cryptocurrency wallets, what benefit they offer and how they fair on the market.

Samsung Galaxy S10

Although Samsung was not the first smartphone manufacturer to announce the release of a blockchain integrated device, it’s still one of the most popular ones out there.

Many crypto enthusiasts first heard about the blockchain integration in smartphones thanks to Samsung, and the company made sure that all the necessities of a “blockchain user” are taken care of in the device.

For example, the phone holds an integrated cryptocurrency wallet capable of holding over a dozen coins as well as allowing users to make transactions peer to peer. Although many are saying that it’s not technically decentralized, it’s still nice to see such a large company like Samsung support the development of the new technology.

Furthermore, Samsung comes with installed support for Dapps (Decentralized applications), which allow users to generate some cryptocurrency coins or tokens in exchange for performing some minor tasks on the app.

In terms of market performance, Samsung’s main competitor is Apple, but the South Korean company has been dominating on the eastern hemisphere for a while now. In Australia for example, the introduction of the cryptocurrency wallet on the phone was a primary mover of the market share and is expected to boost Samsung to around 30% of the market, bringing it right next to Apple.

The reason why the crypto wallet was so successful for Australia is the wagering habits of the locals. More than 80% of Australians have taken part in wagering in their lives and are very active in using cryptocurrencies as their primary source of deposits. Having dozens of crypto-based blackjack games in Australia alongside casino games gives Samsung the advantage in terms of catering to the demands of the local market.

Providing the safety and anonymity of the blockchain technology is sure to sway much of the Australian market to Samsung’s favour. Naturally, this may not have been a direct plan, but it has definitely turned into a happy accident.

HTC Exodus

HTC Exodus was the first smartphone to integrate the blockchain technology, but that does not make it the best one out there.

In terms of popularity and market share, HTC could not rival Samsung by any means, therefore the integration of the blockchain technology was a way to stand out from its rivals, which did indeed work.

A lot more techies were discussing HTC online thanks to the integration. In fact, many are saying that it was a similar strategy to grab the market while it was fresh.

When it comes to the features, HTC is much more jam-packed with blockchain networks. For example, it has the complete BTC blockchain network integrated, making it one of the most useful devices for conducting crypto transactions and operations.

Thanks to the BTC blockchain, HTC is able to boast about reliability and privacy. Something that every smartphone user has been paying attention to after the Huawei debacle in the United States.

Pundi X

Pundi X is a relatively new startup and does not belong to any major brand in the smartphone market. The company decided that it would enter the market straight with blockchain right behind its back, but with a small twist.

The team behind Pundi X knew that introducing the blockchain to an “unsuspecting” customer base, which is absolutely essential for putting oneself on the smartphone map was not going to cut it.

Therefore they’ve integrated an operating system that would support the users to switch between Android and blockchain-based platforms.

Currently, the only advantage is that the phone can support Dapps, but even more additions are being planned by the company.

It is not clear which market Pundi X will target, but we know that there will only be 5000 devices coming out, so the demand is likely to surge instantly.

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