Norway’s top website statistics of 2019

Norway has one of the highest internet penetrations in the world. The country has 5.38 million population and out of them, 5.31 people are active users of the internet, making penetration rate 99%. According to this data, Norway is in the list of the countries with the highest internet penetration alongside the other countries including UAE, Ireland, Qatar, Bermuda, Andora, and Aruba, that all have the same penetration rate. As hootsuite states, 93% of people in Norway use the internet on a daily basis, 6% every once in a week, and only one percent at least once a month.

Non-surprisingly, the first place in the list of the top websites in Norway is taken by Google, YouTube, and Facebook. It is obvious since these websites are on the top places globally. Let’s take a look at the top Norwegian websites and their statistics from different industries including E-commerce and shopping, casino and gambling, arts and entertainment.

Casino and Gambling

The top website in Casino, gambling, and lottery is In the country rank, it is on the 39th place with the total visitors of 5.38 million in the last six months. The website facilitates lottery, online casinos, online games, sports news, betting, and odds. The average duration of the visits on the website is 8 minutes, and the bouncing rate is 25.89 %, visitors are browsing 8.39 pages on average. The majority of the traffic 95.77% comes from Norway. The website is also visited by the people from Greece, Sweden, Romania, and the Czech Republic. While the website is on the 39th place on the national ranking in Norway, it is on the 36th place in the category of gambling worldwide. It is not surprising as Norwegian betting companies and online casinos are getting more and more popular worldwide.

E-commerce and shopping

The first website to make it to the top is it is on the fourth place on the national ranking after Google, YouTube, and Facebook. The website is one of the handiest websites for every person since it is an e-commerce and shopping platform that connects all kinds of sellers to the buyers. You can buy property, vehicles, boats, household items and even find a job on the website. Hence, it is logical that the website has one of the highest numbers of total visitors in the last 6 months (44.71M). The average duration of the visits on the webpage is 9.49 minutes, and visitors are browsing 14 pages while they are on the website. The biggest traffic is from Norway and makes 93.79 percent of the visitors, the other 6.21 percent is divided between the visitors from the UK, Sweden, Poland, and the United States.  has the 23.23% bounce rate.

Arts and Entertainment

The first website in Arts and Entertainment is It is a media website that showcases the news, culture, and sports. At the same time, it also facilitates TV and Radio. The website is on the 7th place in Norway. The website has 45.12M total visitors in the last six months, out of which 91.1% is from Norway, 1.22% from the United Kingdom, 1.04% from the United States, other countries include Sweden, Denmark and more.  The average duration of the visit on the website is 5.55 minutes and the bounce rate is 40.42%. Visitors are viewing 3.67 pages on average on the website.

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