Why Kodi Isn’t in the Amazon App Store

Amazon Fire Stick is the booming video streaming option in the market, with everyone rushing to purchase it. With just a plug into a TV’s HDMI port, one gets access to a lot of media content – from TV shows to music, movies, photos, and podcasts. Its functionality and portable nature have made it a prevalent device. Imagine having access to all your favorite channels – Netflix, Crackle, Hotstar, and many more amazing channels wherever you go.

But then, the problem comes when one can’t access premium contents due to the premium tags on the videos. Good news! Kodi is here to make your life easier. With available add-ons, Kodi gives you access to hundreds of web-based media resources which are free. The only thing you need to do is to install it into your fire stick. This is the other problem.

Kodi App

You might have looked up Kodi in the Amazon app store, but you haven’t found it yet. It’s not in the app store. Kodi is just but one of the many applications that aren’t in the Amazon app store, but can be set up in the fire stick. It’s worth noting that Amazon fire stick and fire TV Kodi are the best devices for Kodi, as far as media streaming is concerned. Then, why is Kodi not in its app store?

Before we delve into that, let’s first have some knowledge about Kodi. Kodi is open-source software developed by the non-profit organization XBMC Foundation. It’s an entertainment platform that enables you to play music, videos, podcasts, and any other web-related stuff.

Its open source nature makes it easy to download and alter to suit one’s preference. This nature has made it to gradually transform into the popular streaming software from being a streaming application for the Xbox game console back in 2003. Kodi is available on devices running Windows, iOS, Linux, macOS, and Android. It’s very convenient for any user since it can be accessed in a variety of hardware like smartphones, computers, and media players.

There have been a lot of controversies in the recent past of whether Kodi is legal or not. Kodi itself is legal, but what makes it troublesome is its ability to accommodate add-ons which are piracy-configured and help users to go against the law. Such Kodi boxes have come to be referred to as “fully loaded” boxes. This prompted the Court of Justice of Europe to declare Kodi as illegal in 2017. Many people who were found selling or in possession of Kodi boxes were sentenced to prison.

Consequently, major online platforms such as Amazon, among others, banned the sale of “fully loaded” boxes on their website. However, you’ll never lack an article with a guide to install Kodi on fire stick on the Internet. It’s known as side-loading, and it’s legal.

In side-loading, one has to first change some settings on the Amazon fire stick or Amazon fire TV to accommodate applications from other sources. After that, using downloaded applications found in the Amazon app store, one can successfully download and install Kobi on the device.

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