YouTube Alternatives: Top 10 Sites Like YouTube to Watch Videos

YouTube is the best and most popular video-sharing website where thousands of cool videos are uploaded daily in  Music, Sports, Funny Compilations, Education, Nature, News and many other topics.  If anyone wants to watch interesting videos, the best place is but sometimes we just got tired of this video hosting site and want a change.

The reason you come do this post is similar isn’t it? You want to know if there are better YouTube alternatives exist, whatever the reason may be. Whether you want to explore a whole different video-sharing site, whether you are concerned about YouTube to shutting down without providing any notice or whether you just feel like you should know.

Whatever your reason may be, if you are searching for other sites like YouTube then let me tell you that you’ve come across the best article showcasing the best alternatives to YouTube. These are many other articles on the internet telling you YouTube alternatives but their list are outdated as some of the top alternatives sites of YouTube they mentioned – Vube, Blip.Tv, Veoh are shutting down a long time ago.

So, I have created this refreshed list of Top 10 YouTube Alternatives for 2017 where you can go and watch lots of interesting videos to entertain/educate you in your free time. Scroll down to find top sites like YouTube which are growing popular day by day.

1. Vimeo

Vimeo is by far the best alternative to YouTube with millions of high-quality videos being uploaded to the website. Vimeo contains videos in art, music, DIY, educational topics, news, sports and many other interesting topics. Moreover, Vimeo staff daily handpick videos from a specific category and feature the best video they find to the front page.For businesses & companies, it offers many professional tools so usually you find Vimeo videos are used widely in online businesses. If you’ve got some spare time, I recommend you to visit Vimeo video sharing website and you’ll enjoy your best time watching interesting videos.

For businesses & companies, it offers many professional tools so usually you find Vimeo videos are used widely in online businesses. If you’ve got some spare time, I recommend you to visit Vimeo video sharing website and you’ll enjoy your best time watching interesting videos.

2. Dailymotion

Dailymotion is another very popular video hosting website where anyone can upload video. And, people do upload. If you start following this video sharing website, you’ll be able to watch lots of amazing videos from art to makeup, sports to news, business to education in full HD. Dailymotion is a great YouTube alternative and some epic videos you find in this website will not be find anywhere else.

3. MetaCafe

MetaCafe is online since from more than a decade. It is a small video-sharing website that specializes in short-form video entertainment in the categories of movies, video games, sports, music, and TV. Movie clips, important news, match highlights, compilations and lots of interesting videos are there to watch and be entertained. It has Latest, Popular & Trending category to allow you to watch new videos, all time popular & currently popular videos easily.

4. Flickr Videos

Owned by Yahoo!, Flickr is a multimedia hosting network which is widely known as a photo sharing website where professionals upload their photos and allow other users to share them (for free or for a royalty fee) but did you know, Flickr is popular in video-sharing too? Well, if you don’t know yet, you should go and check out Flickr’s Video section. It is itself a whole library of over a million cool videos. Latest videos are being added to the site hourly. Being not a general video-sharing site, at Flickr, you won’t find any senseless video. All videos are interesting in the topics they are posted. Watch a few of them!

5. LiveLeak

LiveLeak is an important video-sharing website which shares real live footage recorded by people around the world about some violent topic, shady business, case study and things like that. You’ll see lots of livecam videos, phone recorded low-quality videos which don’t have good resolution but what they are revealing is important. If you want to watch real videos about what’s happening in the world, then LiveLeak is the place where you should be headed.

6. Vevo

Vevo is a joint venture of two largest record companies Sony Music Entertainment & Universal Music Group which sponsor many big singers & artist in different domain of music. You might have seen the keyword VEVO attached to several big singers’ YouTube channel such as Eminem (EminemVEVO), Rihanna (RihannaVEVO), Katy Perry (KatyPerryVEVO), Shawn Mendes (ShawnMendesVEVO), etc. which are part of VEVO Music network. So, if you are crazy about Music then at VEVO’s official website, you’ll find directly hosted best music videos which you can watch in the highest quality for the unlimited time without any disturbance of distraction that YouTube might impose.

7. Twitch TV

Love Gaming? Love Watching Gameplays, Gaming Tutorials, Gaming Strategies etc.? Twitch is the dedicated network of gamers who play games and while playing, record the gameplay and share it on the website. It is very popular among gamers worldwide. So, many expert gamers in the game of your interest are also posting many interesting videos about your game that you might want to check out to learn something new. Twitch is a better video-sharing site for gamers than YouTube. So, if you are looking for YouTube alternatives in gaming then I recommend Twitch TV.

8. Internet Archive Movies

Internet Archive is a website which saves the internet. It saves many significant websites (lots of versions of it) and serves data to the public for observation purpose. For those who are here for YouTube Alternatives, the website also offers lots of amazing videos which it has kept in its database before they were lost on the Internet. On the website, you can find lots of interesting videos in science, education, important topics, documentaries and even lots of interesting movies too. You can play them instantly and enjoy watching any desired video without any distraction or delay due to advertisements which happen on YouTube.

9. Crackle

Crackle is a free website to watch latest movies and TV episodes in full HD both via its website and through its mobile app. If you’ve tried, you must have noticed how much it is hard to find a full-length movie on YouTube especially when the movie is trending. So, in such situation when you want to watch latest movies for free, you should head up to as it is a free movie streaming website. There are many other cool movie streaming & downloading websites that you’ll love to check.

10. Instagram

Instagram is now the fastest growing social network with an affinity towards photos & videos. So, if you are on Instagram, you can search cool videos by video related hashtags like #video, #instavideo, #youtube, #vine, #musicvideo #movieclip, #diyvideo, #funnyvideo etc. or follow Instagram users who post interesting videos and then in a single app (or website:, you’ll be able to browse amazing photos & videos.

These are some of the best alternatives to YouTube. If you’re facing problem browsing YouTube or you don’t want to browse it then you can use these above sites to enjoy the same (even better) quality of videos. And, if you’re too specific about your interest, you can head up to sites like ESPN sports to watch sports videos, MTV to watch celebrity/showbiz related videos, BBC Videos to watch news videos, for Science related videos, NASA Videos for space-related videos, Facebook videos to watch what your friends have recorded, etc.

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