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On July 10, 2017
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Just imagining the situation where all our important files in the PC are permanently deleted passes a shiver down our spine. It’s a nightmare. But, what if it’s not a nightmare anymore but have become a reality? What if you accidentally deleted your important files or folders from the PC, what if you’ve accidentally formatted a hard disk partition containing your most important files(happened with me once) or virus attack took them or some system errors arrive and the drive partition lost?

You can’t avoid an accident just by not imagining it. What you can do is take preventive measures when you have the important data with you such as taking its regular backup or storing their copy in a cloud server. And, even if you have deleted it or lost your important data somehow, you can still recover them using EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard PRO.

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In this article, I am going to tell you how EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard PRO can help you in recovering permanently deleted files. At the worst, even if you have formatted your hard disk partition or lost it somehow, the software can help you to recover all important files from those places too. Read below to know more about the software and how it can help you to recover your deleted files.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard PRO

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard PRO is a powerful all-in-one data recovery tool for Windows & Mac users. The software allows you to recover permanently deleted documents, text/word files, images, videos, compressed files, PPTs, Excel workbook, Executables (.exe) and all other types of files that you use on your computer. And, by permanently deleted I mean those files that have even got deleted from the Recycle Bin or those files which you have deleted by pressing Shift+ DEL keys because it doesn’t send deleted files to Recycle Bin, it permanently removes them from the computer.

However, the scope of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard PRO is not limited to just recovering your permanently deleted data. It can recover data in all such unfavorable situations where you didn’t imagine it to be possible to recover your files. It can recover data in any of these following scenarios:

  • Deleted – If you or some other users have permanently deleted your important files. Sometimes, antivirus or PC optimization software can also delete your important files if such software are not properly configured.
  • Formatted – If you accidentally formatted a hard disk partition or if it is locked somehow or PC asks you to format the drive in order to use it and you don’t have any other option.
  • Hard Drive Damage – If your hard drive is crashed or damaged due to any of these reasons, and you’re not able to access its data.
  • Virus Attack – If your PC is infected then all the important files residing on the PC are at risk not only from the Virus but from the antivirus programs too also because, in order to remove the virus, many times antivirus programs remove the infected files too, whether they are important to you or not.
  • OS Crash – OS Crash happens due to various reasons. Many times when the cause is related to hard disk or its files, the crash ends up in removing lots of important files from random places of the hard disk.
  • Partition Loss – When a drive containing your important files & folders accidentally lost (and became unreachable) or when total storage is showing the size of just a few MBs instead of GBs and there is no data available on the drive.
  • RAW Partition – When the file system of a partition has been unexpectedly changed from NTFS, FAT, FAT32 to RAW which is unsupported by Windows and hence all the data residing in the partition has become unreadable or lost.
  • Human Errors – A wide range or predictable/unpredictable errors raised due to end-users which lead to lose of your important files.

And many other situations in which you’ve lost your precious data. It is a lifesaver software that can save you from the havoc that could be caused by the absence of important files accidentally removed from your computer.

How to Use EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard PRO?

Using EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard PRO is both easy and fast. It takes only three easy steps to use this data recovery tool to obtain your desired deleted files – Launch, Scan, and Recover.

Once you have downloaded & installed EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard PRO software on your PC, launch the program from its desktop icon or start menu entry. It will open up and show all the hard drives available on your computer & any connected external storage (For ex, Portable Hard Drive, USB Flash Drive, etc.). It will even show you those hard-disk partitions which are hidden or invisible such as Windows Recovery or lost partition.

Select the desired device from which you want to restore the deleted data and hit the Scan button provided at the bottom of the screen. Now, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard PRO will start scanning all the deleted files & folders (it may take some times). Once it’s done, the software will show all the deleted files in the well-arranged list inside the recovery software.

Now, you can explore them either by expanding folders from left sidebar which will show all deleted content from that specific folder or you can use the above options of Graphics, Audio, Documents, Video, Email, Others to view only these content out of all deleted files from the selected drive.

You can preview the content of deleted files to make sure you are recovering correct files. Make multiple selections and select all the files you want to recover at once. Finally, hit Recover button provided at the bottom of the page to recover the selected files.

Scanning takes time. So, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard PRO provided the feature to save the scan result so that if you are required to recheck the scan to recover other files, you can just import the scan result that you have exported from the recovery software earlier to recover other files quickly without going through the time-consuming scanning step again.

Wrapping it Up

With Quick Scan, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard PRO can show all the recently deleted files quickly but with the Deep Scan it can show even those files which were deleted months ago and recover them without any loss. With the support of all important devices, the recovery software allows users to recover lost data from PCs, laptops, digital devices, hard drive(HDD, SSD, USB, etc), storage media, server, RAID etc.

It is a reliable data recovery software which has been used by thousands of people worldwide to recover their most important files and each & every time, the software proved itself worthy of the trust. So, if you’re in a hurry to recover deleted files, you can just go ahead and purchase EaseUS Data Recovery Software PRO from its official website or if you’ve got time, the software company has also provided a free trial version for users to test the recovery software against their requirements.

Follow this link to buy EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard PRO or download it’s free trial version.

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