8 Must Have Home Gardening Tools

The modern world is a fast-paced world. Everyone is in a hurry or extremely busy. Even when people have spare time, they prefer to fill it up with chores of some kind. Among different types of recreational activities, gardening can offer you much pleasure if you just take the time to stop and enjoy them. In addition, watching something come alive, grow and thrive because of your efforts can be a very satisfying experience.

Home Garden

To nurture your heavenly terrace or lawn garden you must have proper tools and equipment. You can easily go through some kinds of concepts about different gardening tools and buy them too from online or offline shops. However, heavier and larger tools are not very much handy for regular garden use. So, instead of buying unnecessarily complicated equipment, you should invest in basic and useful gardening tools that can be used for longer periods and won’t occupy too much space in your storage area.

Therefore, in this article, we will try to brief on such a few basic and useful gardening tools followed by their features and functionality.

Let’s take a look:

Hand shovel

Hand shovel is prior equipment for digging soil that is considered to be the first step for planting saplings. It is also used for lifting and moving bulk materials, mixing up different manures together for good growth of the garden plants, etc. 

Shovel blades are generally made of steel-sheets or hard plastic material with medium-length wooden handles. Sometimes the handles can also be made of plastic and those are lighter than wooden ones and easy to work with. It is recommended to buy tempered steel round point hand shovels for the beginners that contain comfortable grip with 44 to 48 inches long shafts made of wood, fiberglass, or metal. Hand shovel cost starts from $18 for basic ones up to $50 for the premium quality.

Hand Shovel for Garden


Gloves are very much important to keep your hands safe from thorns and splinters or any other possible injuries while working in the garden. The right pair of gloves, especially those with built-in claws can ease your planting struggles while digging, pruning, sawing, or shoveling. 

Using rubber made or plastic-based gloves can create blisters in your hands, so always go for leather or cotton gloves for long term garden work. Whenever you use latex or rubber gloves, make sure that they are not completely airproof, otherwise, it can have harmful side effects. Use wide cuffed or longer gloves while working thorny plants like cactus or roses. Get a pair of gloves containing padding in the palm that would save your hands from getting injured. The price differs from $10 to $25 as per the quality of the gloves.

Gloves with Claws for Gardening

Garden hose with adjustable nozzle

Water is the basic need for any kind of plantation or cultivation. So, the garden hose plays the most important role in gardening and helps to reach the water to each and every corner of the garden area. Garden hoses are generally made of high-quality synthetic rubber or plastic and sometimes wired from inside to make them durable. They come in different diameters of the hoses’ diameters like ½”, ⅝” and ¾”. There are nozzles too for adjusting the water pressure and spray radius. The garden hose’s cost starts from $25 to $150 as per variables.

Garden Hose with Adjustable Nozzle


A hoe is an ancient tool of gardening as well as agriculture and there several types of goes available in the market such as thick and sturdy or thin and delicate bladed. The type of your gardening will determine what kind of hoe you would need for your work. How’s are useful to prepare veggies garden, flower plant beds and removing weeds from the garden areas. Hoes are usually made of high-quality steel with sharpened edges from three sides and also used at angles. The price ranges from $15 to $40 according to different capacities.

Garden Hoe for Home Gardening

Garden Bypass pruners

Bypass pruner is a tool that is used for delicate works in gardening like pruning selective ‘live’ materials from alive plants like removing imbalanced branches, buds, or roots or to discard deadwood, shaping or directing the growth of the plant by cutting certain branches, etc. It is also used for eliminating unproductive, deceased, dead, or damaged tissues from the crops for the betterment of the harvest. This is a scissors-like tool that cuts or cleans neatly without affecting unwanted parts of the plant. The pruner’s cost starts from $10 up to $300 from basic to electric.

Garden ByPass Pruners

Hand cultivator

A hand cultivator is a tool that is used for turning the soil or slightly digging where the plants or vegetables to be planted. It is also used for removing weeds, stone chips from the soil and as a simple plow to determine the planting rows. This is the easiest tool to use in both garden beds or soiled plant containers. Use a hand cultivator that is made of forged or molded steel or a steel headed one that is securely attached to a wooden handle. Hand cultivator’s price varies from $15 to $30 according to the specific quality.

Hand Cultivator

Hori-Hori knife

Hori-Hori knife is a Japanese tool of gardening that is similar to a hand trowel with sharp and serrated edges. The blade is sharp from both sides with a semi sharpen the tip. It is also known as a soil knife and weeding knife. This knife is multi-tasking that is simultaneously used for cutting, digging, rough pruning, planting bulbs or perennials, etc. The standard size of a Hori Hori knife is 7 to 7 ½ inches and costs $25 approx.

Hori Hori Knife for Gardening

Watering wand

Attach a watering wand to the end of your hose pipe in order to give your plants a gentle shower like watering or to water the base sometimes without wetting the leaves. It allows you to pour the water directly into the soil and also wastes less water. It is the tool for watering hanging pots, back edges of the border, etc. Watering wands come in different lengths from 10 to 48 inches.  There are adjusting bulbs in the wands to adjust the water flow. You should choose according to your needs such as shorter for the congested area and longer for high hanging plant pots.

Watering Wand for Gardening

These are the must-have home gardening tools that will make gardening fun for you as well as all your family members. So, before starting any big ambitious renovation with your backyard garden, it’s highly recommended to buy these home-gardening tools to make your life easier.

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