Extract Audio from YouTube Videos with New & Better 4K YouTube to Mp3

YouTube has always been very possessive about its videos. Whether the YouTube channels themselves want to let you download their videos & songs or not, YouTube never allowed any user to download them through its website directly. This is very annoying problem but thankfully, we don’t need to live with it due to services like 4K Download which is offering YouTube users to download YouTube videos as well as music for free.

Earlier, we have discussed how to download YouTube videos using 4K Video Downloader but after that, we’ve received so many requests from our users asking about a software that can help them extract audio from YouTube videos that we couldn’t help ourselves to stay away from 4K YouTube to Mp3 software tool.

What is 4K YouTube to Mp3 Software?

4K YouTube to Mp3 downloader is another very famous software from 4K Download team which is specifically developed to let you download unlimited music from YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and all popular video & audio sharing websites. Available for Mac, Windows as well as Linux, this easy-to-use software allows you to download Mp3 version of any online video in your desired format as well as quality.

4K YouTube to Mp3

This 4K YouTube to Mp3 downloader has always been the first choice for many users to convert any YouTube video in Mp3 conveniently but the latest 4K YouTube to Mp3 4.0 version has made the process so much more efficient that it makes more sense than ever to get this software in order to extract sound from YouTube videos, YouTube playlist, supported sites and much more.

Features of 4K YouTube to Mp3 Version 4.0

4K YouTube to Mp3 has always been the easiest software to use for anyone to download YouTube songs & videos in Mp3 but now with new v4.0 update, let’s see what new improvements have been added and how much better & amazing this software has become.

Guided GIFs

4K Download developers have added a series of 4-5 animated GIFs at the starting of the application that tell you how to use 4K YouTube to Mp3 software to extract audio from YouTube videos. You can also check out official guide on how to convert YouTube to Mp3

4K YouTube to Mp3 v4.0 Install

Simple & Straightforward Interface

After the introductory guide that teaches you how to use software in just 10 secs, the next important thing you’ll notice is the simple & straightforward interface of 4K YouTube to Mp3 software. This 4.0 version’s interface is lightweight, fast and minimal which shows only what’s important to extract MP3 from online videos but all the settings are still available via top-right gear button and top menu of the software.

4K YouTube to Mp3 Home Screen

One-click YouTube video to Mp3 Conversion

YouTube to Mp3 conversion is available at just one click away. With 4K YouTube to Mp3 Version 4.0, you can either copy YouTube video URL from your browser and click Paste Link or use built-in browser to visit YouTube, browse the desired YouTube video and click the Download button that appears to download Mp3 of selected YouTube video instantly.

Download Audio with 4K YouTube to Mp3

Built-in Web Browser

New version of 4K YouTube to Mp3 has built-in web browser where you can directly browse to YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Likee, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Flickr or any other website on the internet from where you want to download Mp3 of the online video. This has boosted the productivity as now you won’t have to use the manual way of copying & pasting URL and you can download Mp3 of your YouTube video or any other video with the available Download button.

Bulk-download & Convert YouTube Playlist to Mp3

With 4K YouTube to Mp3 downloader, you can not only download Mp3 of individual YouTube video but you can also extract audio of all the videos within a YouTube playlist. This is very rare & important feature that can save your time to collect audio clips, sound effects or music for your video-editing project, podcast listening or anything else.

Download Playlist Audio

Search & Sort Your Mp3 Downloads

Search feature is included in the latest 4K YouTube to Mp3 4.0 version and it is really powerful. It allows you to quickly search & locate any of the Mp3 you’ve downloaded using the software instantly. Not only that, you can also sort them Alphabetically to help you find an MP3 or a collection of Mp3 with similar names.

To use this, click on the Search (lens) icon on the top-right corner. It will take you to the software’s download section from where you can use the search box to search for any Mp3 or sort button to sort the list either A to Z or vice verse.

Use Search Feature

Advanced Settings & Configurations

4K YouTube to Mp3 allows you to set Audio quality & format in advance for all Mp3, you can choose Output folder, number of parallel downloads, directory settings, YouTube settings, Connection settings and much more. You can also set what type of notifications to activate or disable. The Settings panel gives you full control to personalize the software experience according to your own need.

Settings Panel


With all these features, it makes a lot of sense to have 4K YouTube to Mp3 installed in your computer as it fulfils your requirements to download & convert online videos to Mp3. It’s a software that you need to try. So, either download 4K YouTube to Mp3 for free for evaluation purpose as there are several limitations or buy a paid version directly to unlock all the awesome features of this software.

Buy Premium

Whatever you decide, go to 4K Download official website and Download 4K YouTube to Mp3 for Windows, Mac or Linux OS.

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