OSRS Mobile Tips & Tricks

Old School RuneScape offers one of the best MMORPG experiences around, and having it on mobile means that people can farm up OSRS gold wherever they are. It might be the same game, but there are some notable differences between OSRS Mobile and the PC version.  Let’s take a look at how you can use these differences to your advantage as we have outlined a few tips and tricks that are sure to give new players and veterans alike a boost in their mobile adventure!

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Cross-Platform Play

Perhaps the greatest decision that Jagex has made is that Old School RuneScape Mobile is completely cross-platform. Meaning that you can log in to the same OSRS account you’ve been using for years and pick up right where you left off on your PC. Although it’s exactly the same game, there are some tasks that can be performed easily in OSRS Mobile while others are best left with the usage of a mouse and keyboard. Grind-heavy tasks are great when playing on mobile, as are any traditional AFK tasks such as mining, woodcutting, fishing, and crafting.

Access to Grand Exchange

The Grand Exchange (GE) is a trading system for players to buy and sell almost all tradable items and is considered to be the official marketplace of OSRS. OSRS Mobile allows you to check the Grand Exchange from anywhere, giving you the opportunity to potentially snag a few good deals at any given time. But just because you have free access to it doesn’t mean there aren’t any restrictions to the OSRS Grand Exchange. Players are limited to a certain number of slots to buy or sell items. Paying members get eight slots, while free-to-play players get three. Free players must also get at least seven quest points or be active 24 hours to gain access.

Save Your Battery Life

Playing games on your mobile device is a surefire way to drain your battery in a matter of minutes. This can be a pain if you’re planning on having a session before going out or want to have longer sessions before having to recharge your phone.

Here are some tips to consider to make the game perform faster while using up less battery life:

Background Data

If you play OSRS Mobile and often switch apps, you’ll notice that you get disconnected and have to log back in. This can get pretty annoying—especially if you’re a frequent user. To prevent this, go to the app’s setting and enable background data. This will not reduce the game’s performance in any noticeable capacity. In addition to that, the OSRS Mobile app uses only a few megabytes of data per hour, so you’re not necessarily wasting data either!

Close Interfaces

Another useful trick is to close interfaces. Whenever you’re skilling and depositing your inventory to your bank, it can be hard to close the bank due to the ‘x’ on the top right corner being too small. Furthermore, using the back button on your phone will only serve to close any interface you have open. Another generic tip is to use bank fillers to deposit your inventory quickly.

Zoom In, Not Out

Most phones have a magnifier option; this is located in your phone’s settings app as an accessibility option. Fortunately, all accessibility tools are allowed to be used in-game, and this includes mouse keys on Windows. Using the magnifier, you can focus on your inventory which is very useful in instances where you’re fletching darts.

Wrap Up

And that’s about it for our tips when playing OSRS Mobile; hopefully, you’ve learned a thing or two about how to make your OSRS Mobile experience better and more efficient, so you can earn OSRS gold without having to log on into your PC.

Ranbeer Maver is a Computer Science undergraduate. He's a geek who embraces any new consumer technology with inhuman enthusiasm.