Package Tracking: Where To Get Your Tracking Information

When you think about tracking an order, do you envision a complicated process with a myriad of steps? If so, prepare to be surprised. Tracking an online order is much simpler than you may think, and in less than four steps, you can follow your order wherever it happens to be. To start, you will need your tracking number.

Package tracking

What is a Tracking Number?

The tracking number on most orders is a number that is between 8 and 13 digits in length. This number will allow you to pull up all of the information about your order and where your package happens to be at any given time. Once you have your tracking number, you can enter it on the retailer’s website or on the shipping company’s website. This will give you up-to-date information on its location, delays, or even estimated delivery time.

How to Track a Package

There are mainly two methods of tracking a package online. With your tracking number, you can use the shipping company’s website to track its location. Or, with your order number or tracking number you can track your order on the retailer’s website. Let’s take a closer look at both options below.

Shipping Website

Most shipping companies will have a dedicated page where tracking numbers can be traced. On this page simply input the tracking number into the appropriate location to pull up the information. Once the number is entered, the tracking software will display shipping, tracking, and delivery information for your order that is attached to that tracking number.

Retailer Website

Your confirmation email will usually have a link that takes you directly from your email to the tracking section of a retailer’s website. Through this link, you can track the progress of your package from the warehouse to your door. You can also input your order number or your tracking number directly into the retailer’s website tracking section to pull up the same information.

Alternative Tracking Methods

There are third-party order trackers that you can also use to keep your shipping and tracking information in one place. You will need your tracking number in order to use these sites, however. The advantage of third-party tracking methods is that you can track multiple packages all in one place, and usually a more precise overview as the data it presents is collected from all the carrier that has been involved with the delivery of your package and not only the one incharge of making the final delivery to your address.

What if I Lose My Tracking Number?

For those who misplace their tracking number, calling or emailing the retailer’s customer service is the best option. You can ask for the tracking number based on your order number or your payment details. They should also be able to look up the status and location of your package on your behalf, but by tracking your packages by yourself, would always get the most honest answer.

Automatic Updates

Most tracking systems allow consumers to have automatic updates sent to their email addresses or to their phones. This cuts down on the number of times a person needs to manually enter a tracking number on the shipper’s or retailer’s site. If you are worried about lost packages on high-end purchases, consider having your package insured through the shipping company.

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