10 Part Time Jobs for Housewives in the USA

Are you a housewife? Are you getting bored with your daily household chores? Yes, we know you are an awesome mother and supportive housewife. But you are not satisfied with yourself. You feel something is missing. But what’s that? Surely, a person that you want to be. You want to become someone more than just a housewife.

You want to be a working woman without sacrificing your responsibilities towards the family. Maybe there is a question in your mind: How is it possible?

It’s good to know that yes it’s possible. Obviously not with a full time job. But you have another option for a part time job. Part time job will allow you to give time to your family, make money and improve your own image in your mind and society. 

Work from home and enjoy life! 

freelancer writing

Let’s have a look on some best part time jobs for housewives: 

1. Freelance Writing

The very first job you can opt for is freelance writing. If you are fluent in reading and writing English then this is a very easy job for you. You don’t need any specific qualification or experience for it. Every company requires online writers. So you have a large no. of writing genres. Choose whichever you like and write about it. The biggest advantage of this job is that you are allowed to work at your pace. There are no deadlines. You will not be forced to continuously spend no. of hours on the computer. 

2. Online Teaching

This job requires academic qualification and sometimes experience too. There are plenty of coaching institutes and websites which require teachers for various subjects. If you are an undergraduate then apply for a subject for which you are eligible and interested in. Some educational websites will hire teachers only for preparing subject notes. The job has a level of flexibility i.e. work as much no. of hours as suits you. 

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3. Data Entry Specialist

It is the easiest part time job. For this, you have acquired a high school diploma and good typing speed. Some companies will gauge your skills by conducting an exam before hiring. As a data entry specialist, your work is to input given data in Excel tables from a word document. 

4. Transcripting

There is no special education or experience required for the job of online transcriptionist. You just need to have good english reading, writing, listening and typing skills. Also you must have a computer or laptop, a headset, transcription software, wifi, Spell checker or grammarly, transcription software, etc. Under this job, you will be given an audio. You will listen to it and write it in wordings.    

5. Blogging

It is the only job which offers you extreme exponential growth. You can do blogging from anywhere. Also, it hardly matters whether you are an experienced person or just an initiator. You can easily start a blog, do a little bit of hard work and grow it. It will prove to be a very profitable business. It’s a highly flexible job as you will not be working under someone. You are your own boss. Work whenever and from wherever you are comfortable. 

6. Traveling Agent

The job of a traveling agent does not require any college degree or experience certificate. As the name suggests, you only have to make plans and  arrangements for your clients. Your clients will need your help in choosing the correct vacation destination in a particular season. Also, you will make hotel reservations, book their flights, fulfil passport and visa related requirements, etc. If you love travelling and have a good knowledge of different destinations  then this job will be very enjoyable for you. 

7. Virtual Assistant

You will never be over aged to work as a virtual assistant. Also, there is no requirement of a specific education for that. As a virtual assistant your role will be emailing, scheduling meetings, organizing files, answering to customers, handling expense reports and orders and sometimes phone related tasks too. So in this job your main task is to provide support to a person or group. 

8. Managing Social Media

Under this, a person can do two types of work: social media management and social media marketing. For both types of work you don’t need any  degree. If you are familiar with social media platforms like twitter, facebook, instagram,etc. then this job is for you. You have to manage a company’s social media account by answering to its followers and making posts. For the second work, the company requires you to get more customers. Use your skills to help businesses attract more customers. 

Social Media Manager

9. Recruiter

The job of recruiter doesn’t require any specific qualification. But it’s beneficial in getting a job if you have some experience. As a recruiter, you have to recruit the most suitable person for a specific position in a company. For this, you will talk to potential candidates on the phone, take their interview and screen them for the specific position. Also, you must have the knowledge of appropriate qualifications and skills needed for that position(because then only you can test the candidates’ knowledge). But most of the companies give preference to those candidates who work in normal business hours as recruiters.

10. Translator

If you are a multilingual person then you can earn as much as you want. You will be given written material or audios in a language and you have to translate it in other required language. People are highly paid for translating the Russian, Asian, Korean and Arabic languages. If you are able to read, write, speak and understand any of these languages then companies itself will approach you to hire.


 We are moving into the 21st century and  the time is changing at a very fast pace. As we are talking about modernization, we know you do not just want to be a housewife . You want to use your  skills and potential for a job. So try any one  of the part time jobs we have described just for you.

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