In-Depth Review of PDFelement for Mac version 8.5

Remote work has become an almost universal phenomenon due to the raging pandemic at hand. Employees around the world have become more dependent on their laptops and other devices for their work. This makes it all the more necessary for them to have access to the best software in order to get the job done faster and without any flaws. Many times, it is the ill-equipped software that creates a huge roadblock for employees.

Sometimes they also overburden them as they find it difficult to meet their needs on time. For remote work to be as productive as work from the office, employees need to work with software that is easy to understand and access. For those using a MacBook while working, it is possible that the software they are accustomed to otherwise may not be equally compatible. As a result, all sorts of problems arise that can slow down work.

Problems with processing PDF documents on Mac

When it comes to PDF documents, it is essential for the user to have access to software that is capable of a lot. This is where the problem lies with PDF documents in Mac as the user must deal with the issues listed below.

  1. Difficult to adapt perfectly: A lot of users have complained that their PDF files which open without any issue on other systems, tend to not open on their MacBooks. This is due to compatibility issues that can be sorted out with software.
  2. Takes a lot of time: Continuing with the previous issue, even if PDF files do open up eventually, it might consume a lot of time. The user will also have to undertake lots of steps before they can finally access the file.
  3. No tool for batch processing: A MacBook usually doesn’t have built-in software that allows for users to convert or compress PDF files. This can be a serious problem as the user might need to edit the PDF file which requires them to convert it into a Word file.
  4. Doesn’t support multiple languages: The most pressing issue regarding PDF files on Mac is the language problem. Files not written in English aren’t always recognized. It is also difficult to edit the files because the software isn’t equipped properly.

Review of PDFelement for Mac version 8.5

Wondershare PDFelement for Mac8.5 is an all-in-one PDF tool that allows you to read, edit and annotate PDF Files; convert Word, Excel, HTML, PPT, Images to PDF in one go with a variety of adjustments. It allows you to put text boxes, comment cloud, cliparts & shapes, headings, and much more to totally modify & improve PDFs according to your needs.

It has many genius features such as images to text conversion, PDF to DOC, merge & split PDFs, optimize PDF documents size, batch processing, and many features that are used by employees on day to day basis.

PDFElement Tools

Users from around the world have lauded PDFelement for Mac version 8.5 for its variety of features and the ease with which it enables them to work. Some of them are listed below:

Stellar User Interface

What makes PDFelement for Mac version 8.5 different from its former version is the stellar interface which eliminates the clutter of Mac 8.0. The use of small icons in comparison to bigger ones provides the software with a required minimalistic look. It also makes the interface more visually engaging. The functions of PDFelement such as optimization, conversion, and batch processing to name a few, are laid out at the interface of PDFelement. This improvement in its software has made PDFelement quite a favorite among users.

Editing PDF via OCR

The entire PDF editing process has been made a lot simpler in comparison to its previous avatar, thanks PDFelement for Mac version 8.5. The multiple instructive symbols that enable PDF files to be edited have made the process much quicker. For editing a file, you just have to click on the (+) icon to your left on the interface and then upload the PDF file. This tool will assist in the adding, removal, and editing of the text in the file that you have scanned.

Combining PDF files

Another feature of PDFelement for Mac version 8.5 that makes it a favorite is that combining PDF. It’s a very simple process comprising two steps – reorganizing and merging – which only takes a few seconds. Just click on the PDF function on the home page and then upload the files that you want to merge. Once the merger is over, the file gets saved on its own and can be accessed from any folder.

Converting PDF files

In addition to merging of files, users have also lauded the file conversion feature of PDFelement for Mac version 8.5. Like the previous function, this too is equally simple which enables you to transform files in a variety of formats. This includes images, XML, HTML, and Epub among others.

Optimizing PDF files

If you’re looking to optimize PDF files, then PDFelement for Mac version 8.5 is your go-to software. Compared to its previous avatar, this version of PDFelement is remarkably quicker when it comes to optimizing a file. Users get to choose from three options while optimizing their files. These options correspond to how much the user wants to increase or decrease the size of the file. These options are

  • High – Low compression with high quality
  • Medium – Medium compression with medium quality
  • Low – High compression with low-quality

Optimizing Compressing PDFs

Batch Processing

Lastly, PDFelement for Mac version 8.5 is a notch above its previous version because of its strong batch processing feature. This feature has simplified the overall processes of converting, editing, and compressing PDF files.

You have to choose the Batch PDF option from the PDFelement home page and select how many files you want to process. After selecting the files, you can perform any function on them such as batch conversion, batch compression, and data extraction to name a few.


In conclusion, PDFelement for Mac version 8.5 is a software that packs in a lot of tools together for the benefit of the user. It’s true that these tools are available in other software as well. however, what makes PDFelement the ultimate choice of the users is the quickness with which one can perform the functions.

Additionally, it is rather convenient to perform the processes using PDFelement due to the overall simplicity of the software. In other words, PDFelement is the software to look out for, when it comes to activities regarding PDF files.

PDFelement for educators and students is a special version that fulfills all academic needs regarding creating & processing PDFs which is helpful for remote teachers, students as well as employees related to copywriting business as well. So, definitely grab a version of PDFElement that suits your need because it’s not worth wasting hours in editing your PDFs with multiple tools when you can do it in one go with this software.

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