Points To Be Noted Before You Begin With the Preparation For The IAS Exam  

Most of the IAS aspirants, specifically those who are going to face the IAS Exam are usually confused concerning how to begin well with the preparation. Besides, as the first timers often begin from the scratch, and usually scared of the competition, they feel rather unnerved concerning a logical beginning for the Exam preparation.


Why do the beginners feel confused?

Almost all of the candidates aspiring to join the Indian Administrative Services feel unsure of:

  1. How to begin?
  2. What to study?
  3. Which IAS Coaching Academy in Delhi would be the best for them?…..

…… and the confusing factors go on and on and on.

What should you take a note of before you begin to prepare?

Well, it’s only a relaxed mind that can take a decision after considering all the perspectives in a balanced manner. And all sensible souls would agree that confusion only leads to the path that does not lead you towards success.

Take a note of the tips given below before you begin preparing for the IAS Exam so that your preparation helps you move successfully towards joining the Indian Administrative Services:

  1. Do not allow yourself to be misguided: If you allow yourself to be misguided, it is only going to end up in a great waste of your time, money and energy. You should always remember that though there are a number of IAS coaching institutions and new ones are coming up every now and then, you have to be sure that they do not misguide you.

Most of the IAS coaching institutions in Delhi require a considerable amount to be paid as the fee. However, the coaching sessions, apart from the syllabus and the Test Series and the Mock Interview Sessions might not be up to the mark.

Besides, the query solving sessions and mentorship is something indispensable if you are keen on preparing well for the IAS Exam. If the coaching institution that you opt for fails to answer your queries or the mentors are not able to do their job well, the probability of your competing well in the IAS Exam is bound to decrease to a considerable extent.

Thus, when it really comes to facing the IAS Exam, the failure to clear the same and move ahead of the competition successfully would only leave the candidate frustrated. So, it’s best that you opt for a suitable IAS coaching institution right at the time you begin with the Exam preparation.

  1. Be aware of the changing CSE requirements: Being thoroughly aware of the changes in the CSE requirements and beginning with the preparation accordingly moves you closer to the success faster than you would have been likely to do otherwise.

Apart from the beginners, the knowledge of the changing requirements to clear the IAS Exam is highly essential, nay indispensable even for the candidates appearing for the Exam repeatedly. However, the maximum number of the attempts cannot exceed the limit allowed by UPSC.

UPSC might produce one or more of the following changes:

  1. The Exam Pattern
  2. The style of the questions
  3. If there have been any more of the Papers introduced for the Exam
  4. Any changes, whenever there are in the syllabus, etc.

Besides, you might observe more of the changes, if UPSC finds it suitable to introduce them as and when required.

  1. Eligibility Criteria: UPSC allows a candidate to appear for the Civil Services Exam if he is 21 or above and a graduate at least. However, it is best to get all the required details from the UPSC website for the upper age limit, maximum number of the attempts allowed, etc.
  2. Study the syllabus: Rather than throwing a careless glance, it is advisable that you study the entire syllabus that UPSC prescribes for the Civil Services Exam in a careful manner. Doing so will help you opt for the right kind of the study material.
  3. Get into a mindset for selective reading: It is the next logical step to begin well with the preparation for the IAS Exam. Once you have studied the syllabus, you are, of course, aware of the exceptional depth the syllabus has been prescribed into.

Thus, even if reading books happens to be one of your hobbies, you simply do not have any time to go ahead with any diversions. If you feel like reading a topic that is not included in the UPSC syllabus, you are simply not likely to find much of the time to complete reading what all is prescribed.

So, it is for your own sake that you focus on what the syllabus prescribes. Choose the study material to be read accordingly. And make a selective reading of the content that you have opted for.

Besides, among all the factors considered well, the most important is your own mindset concerning the IAS Exam preparation. As you know for sure that the syllabus is too vast, you need to give the best part and the major part of the time every day to prepare for the Exam in a flawlessly qualitative manner.

However, you have to persevere to materialize your dreams of joining the Indian Administrative Services into reality. Thus, it would be best if you focus on the goal keeping all the disturbances at bay. Besides, do not allow any kind of diversion to ruin your concentration when you study.

A Word of Caution

And last, but not the least, do not play havoc with your health by not eating or relaxing on time. Stay fit and fine. Eat well. Sleep well. And relax whenever you feel tired. There is no point if you keep reading while you are yawning most of the time. Studying with thorough concentration would yield better results than studying the entire day with a yawn or two every now and then.

And never give up! Believe in yourself. Be confident. And continue with your preparation.

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