Pros and Cons of Owning Pets

According to a random study by Dr. Lauren Wisnieki of the Lincoln Memorial University, pet owners are likely to suffer from poor sleep quality, compared to people without pets. This report relied on data obtained from more than 5,000 people. The same report also highlighted that pets may be beneficial to their owners since they offer social support. Some pets are also a source of security and companionship, resulting in improved moods reduced levels of anxiety and depression. Are there any cons associated with owing them?

Pros of Owning a Pet

Outlined below is an in-depth exploration of what you ought to know:

Owning a Dog

1. Health Benefits

Pets are associated with numerous physical, emotional and mental health benefits. According to studies, cuddling them has shown to help reduce stress and anxiety levels. It has also been linked with decreased levels of depression.

The specific study has shown that having a pet around causes a decrease in cortisol production levels. The study also linked owning a pet to reduced levels of blood pressure. Suppose you want to explore the relationship between owning a pet and the human body. In that case, EssayUSA is the right place to contact, especially if you want to avoid immersing yourself in the research process.

Another significant health benefit of owning a pet is it challenges its owners to be active. For instance, dogs require you to walk them regularly. These walks call for you to move your body every often, which results in a significant impact on your physical health.

Other pets are related to improving your cardiovascular health by fostering positive feelings. This is proven by a report by Julius Corliss the executive editor of the Harvard Heart Letter. Therefore, if you are keen on maintaining a healthy lifestyle and were conflicted about getting a pet to foster, that, this is your cue to consider making the move.

2. Security

Some pet owners are specific about getting pets that provide security. Particularly, dogs, are known to offer this. Most dog breeds are known to have guarding instincts. Some breeds are known to be weary of their environments and strangers; hence, they are preferred for this purpose.

Dogs are not the only pets that provide security to their owner. People living near lakes prefer to have swans as pets. Apart from being an beautiful additional to lake houses, swans are known to offer security. They are weary of new people and sudden noises.

Geese, too, are known to offer security to their owners. They are known to make noise whenever there is a commotion or intrusion by a stranger. They are also known to be aggressive and take time to acclimatize to strangers, making them a great addition to your home.

Nurturing Your Dog

3. Nurturing Attitude

Owning a pet means you have an extra responsibility to take care of. On most occasions, pet owners refer to nurturing the pets as an equivalent to raising a baby. This extra responsibility automatically results in the need to develop nurturing skills like a strong sense of compassion and empathy. Pets also challenge their owners to develop valuable life skills like patience.

If you have children around and would like to instill nurturing instincts and responsibility? Get a pet and allow them to actively participate in raising it. You will be shocked by how easy it will be for them to cultivate these instincts. Soon enough, they will learn to cultivate habits such as sacrificing, putting others before themselves and caring for those around them.

Cons of Owning a Pet

While the pros sound lucrative and very alluring, it is important to consider the other side of the coin. A balanced decision should be made after being fully convinced that the pros outweigh the cons.

1. Costs

The cost is a strong determining factor of the specific type of pet to get since the cost of acquisition and maintenance varies form one animal to the other.

Some of the factors that determine the cost include:

  • The cost of acquisition
  • How much their food costs
  • The cost of grooming
  • The cost veterinary care, vaccines and other emergency costs
  • The overall cost of owning them

When pet owners refer to them as their babies, they often refer to these costs among the other demands to keep them alive. Therefore, before getting a pet, it is important to adequately research on the costs related to the specific breed of pet you wish to acquire since these costs are specific.

Research on the health issues related to the specific pet you wish to acquire. Doing so allows you to evaluate the financial risks associated with owning a pet from a specific breed and the possible health costs.

2. Time

Just like kids, pets, too require you to commit to them timewise. This entails spending time with them to bond and cuddle them. It also entails ensuring they are well fed and groomed. They also demand of you to spend time with them exercising and playing.

Therefore, before getting that pet, ensure that your schedule is accommodating enough for you to include a pet. You do not want to have you little puppy living in the house and suffering from cabin fever because your demanding schedule does not leave you room to take it out on a walk.

Owning a pet also means that you cannot make the spontaneous decision to travel for long. You always have to consider the logistics of how the pet will be while you are away. Luckily, there are pet care locations that offer boarding services to pets. However, this translates into an additional cost.

3. Ethical Concerns

Conversations around the ethical concerns related to the sale of pets are not new. There has been an uproar on people rearing and breeding pets specifically for sale. This has been linked to an imbalance in the ecosystem. Other studies have also showed that the impact on the local ecosystem is a potential danger to public health, including the risk of the spread of zoonotic diseases.

A clear and in-depth exploration of these pros and cons of owning a pet express why you need to extensively research before owning a pet. Nevertheless, if your pros outweigh the cons, you are free to proceed with your decision.

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