Forgot your Windows 10 password? Here Is How To Recover It And Regain Access

Not able to login to your Windows 10? Forgot your Windows 10 password? Don’t panic, we are here to help you.

Our laptop contains thousands of files and folder, document etc, which are pretty important to us. We also make frequent updates to those work files and we need them almost daily. You may use a strong Antivirus software and stronger password to keep the files are safe and secure but what if you forgot your Windows password and are not able to get access to your files? In the worst scenario, you may need to do some urgent work on your system but you are unable to remember its password.


In such cases, a password reset tool will prove to be quite handy. But how do you find an efficient Windows 10 password recovery tool or which tool is the best to reset your Windows 1o password.

Luckily, I found a perfect software that lets you reset your Windows 10 password in no time and that is iSunshare Windows Password Genius. It is a windows password reset tool which quickly and easily resets the password of a locked Windows 10 system. Below is the complete guide of how to recover the Windows 10 password. Here we go…

Steps To Recover Windows 10 Password

Recovering Windows 10 password using Windows Password Genius includes only 4-steps to recover the forgotten or lost password of Windows 10. Simply follow the below steps and unlock your locked Windows 10 PC.

I. Download The Software

The first thing you need to do is to download Windows Password Genius and install it on your system. The free trial version is available on its official website which you can download for testing the software. After that, install Windows Password Genius on your system to initiate the password recovery process.

II. Create Password Reset Disk

Now, you need to create the password reset disk. It offers two options to create the password reset disk. You can either create a password reset CD/DVD or the USB drive. Here we will select the USB drive option for creating our password reset disk.

So, connect the USB drive to the system and then in the software, click on USB option as shown in the given image. Load the USB drive by selecting it in the drop-down menu. Then, hit the begin burning button. It will start burning the USB drive. Once, the burning is completed remove the USB drive from the PC and proceed to the next step.

III. Boot Locked Computer

Insert the password reset disk in the locked computer of which you need to reset the password. Then, boot the computer with USB or CD/DVD.

IV. Reset Windows Password

When you boot the locked computer with the USB or CD/DVD, a pop-up window will show up on the screen. It involves 3-steps. In the first one, you need to select the system that you need to unlock. In the second step, you have to select the user that you want to unlock and click the Reset Password button.

It will immediately remove the password from the user. After that, when you restart the computer again, you would be able to login to it without the password.

What Does iSunshare Windows Password Genius Offer You

Use-Friendly Interface

The thing that I liked most about iSunshare Windows Password Genius is its user-friendly interface. You can easily use this software without any assistance. The software only shows relevant controls and button on its dashboard so that user doesn’t get confused about anything. It doesn’t require you any extra tech knowledge in any step.

0% Data loss Password recovery

Most people worry about the data while recovering the password. But in the case of Windows Password Genius, you don’t have to worry about it at all. The software ensures you that no file or folder is being affected during the password recovering process as it supports lossless password recovery.

Two Ways To Create Password Reset Disk

What’s more? You get 2-ways to create the password reset disk. If you want to create password reset disk with USB drive then it lets you do the same. Or create password reset disk with CD/DVD without any hassle. You can burn the iSunshare Windows Password Genius in any of the disks.

Quick Windows Password Recovery

This is the most efficient feature of this Windows Password recovery tool. You can reset your Windows password in no time using this software. The software is really fast and quick. All you need to do is to follow a few simple steps and you will be able to unlock your locked computer.  It also lets you to quickly add a new user directly from the software. Only a single click and the password will be removed immediately from the system. It saves a lot of time.

Wrap Up

So, this was all about how to reset Windows 10 password using Windows Password Genius software, a product of iSunshare. If you have some urgent piece of work but your computer is locked then you can quickly boot that system with the USB drive and then remove the password quickly. Adding a new user is also easy with Windows Password Genius. The fast speed and lossless recovery make the software one of the best tools to reset the Windows password. The paid version costs you only $19.95 which is worth every penny. So, try the software for yourself and share your experience with us.

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