Reliable Flash Storage Service in Pittsburgh for Your Business

Flash storage is any kind of drive, repository or system that uses flash memory to store data for a continued period of time. Flash storage is a high performing competitor in today’s demanding arena for storage environments. As the name indicates Flash Storage assures burst of speed and has certainly delivered on this promise. Flash memory is prevalent today in small computing devices and large business storage systems. The size and the complexity of flash-based storage vary in devices which can be found in portable USB drives, smart-phones, cameras and embedded systems.

Flash Storage

As technology is evolving very fast and the last few decades has seen a substantial surge in newer technology, Pittsburgh, the second largest city in Pennsylvania has transformed into a hub of medical and technological innovation that is unmatched to any other place in the world. The evolutions of technology have made it very crucial for companies to search for flash storage solutions that will fulfill their needs for tomorrow. You are probably aware of how difficult it can be to deploy and manage data especially when you are trying to maintain continuous access to systems and applications and are involved in supporting cloud-based programs like automation, orchestration and self-service. These factors imply that switching to flash-based data storage can save your business from capital expenditure in many ways. Your IT staff will also be happy to spend lesser time troubleshooting problems with broken parts while they can focus on their core responsibilities.

Feeling the necessity of finding the right tool Virtix have developed the best Flash SSD hardware in the world that uses flash storage to store data. The flash storage is designed for modernization. It is what the doctor ordered and allows you to process workloads and provide responses more rapidly than traditional data storage solutions. Virtix IT equips you with all-flash storage architecture that provides:

  1. Effortless storage which works without any impairment.
  2. It is always on and provides responses exponentially faster than traditional data storage solutions.
  3. Self-managing Plug n Play device.
  4. Cloud-based management, analytics, and support and data protection.
  5. Efficient storage that consolidates everything on 10X less
  6. Zero compromise data services including data reduction, encryption, Snapshots, Replication, and Migration.
  7. Flash Storage that can be electronically erased and reprogrammed.
  8. Essential IT tasks like Virtualization, Real-time analytical software, Virtual servers, and desktops.
  9. The necessary speed to keep your application function at an optimum level.
  10. Zero downtime to help your company meet its goals.
  11. Cut down your cloud confusion with Virtix IT’s assistance.
  12. Flexible intuitive software focused computing model.

Benefits of Flash Solid State Drives or SSDs

Compared to traditional data storage devices Flash Solid State Drives provide more benefits, due to which Flash SSDs are becoming more attractive to users as enterprise data storage devices for Desktop PCs, Laptops and servers. Flash SSDs provide several features that make them feasible alternatives:

No Moving Parts:

Unlike the traditional data storage devices, Flash SSDs does not have any spinning platters, moving read/write heads or any other moving parts that are common to the mechanical hard disks. Instead, data is stored in integrated circuits (ICs). This means that you can rest assured that your data is safe and you need not have qualms about losing data because of platter crashes, mechanical failure or damages. SSDs are resistant to all kind of damages and can be moved around without any problem

Non Volatile:

Flash SSDs are non-volatile, and this is perhaps one of the major reasons why Flash SSDs are becoming so popular. Non-volatile implies that it retains the information that it stores even when the power is off. This segregates from random access memory (RAM), which is also very fast but the memory gets deleted every time the system turns down the power.

Speed: Flash SSDs have some exclusive characteristics that make it useful for storing enterprise data. It is exponentially faster than spinning hard disks drives or HDDs.

Easily rewriteable: Flash is easily rewriteable, which makes it very useful for storing data that changes frequently.

Flash is an innovative media, but before you get swept up in the tide it is important to take a balanced approach. Just like reviewing features like engine size, transmission and fuel type is crucial before purchasing a car; you also should review the buying standards to ensure that you get the solution that best suits your needs. Do not forget to check some key aspects like Performance (IOPS), Latency, Capacity, Storage functionality, Quality of Flash, and Scalability before you take a plunge or get swept up.

Ranbeer Maver is a Computer Science undergraduate. He's a geek who embraces any new consumer technology with inhuman enthusiasm.