Ripple Vs. EOS- Which Is Best For Long Term Investment

Nowadays, people directly think about investing in cryptocurrency when it comes to investment. There are several cryptocurrencies in the market in which a trader can invest and get the chance to reap all the benefits and profits. But when they have to invest in the long term, they face several issues. There are several things that a person has to consider because it involves money, and you do not want to face any losses. You can make your trading easier and almost automatic by using Bitcoin trading bot. However, read below to get yourself educated on the basic crypto pairs advantages.

There are many cryptocurrencies from which you can choose one, but you will learn about Ripple and EOS in this article. What are Ripple and EOS? How can it be beneficial? Which one is best for long-term investment? If you want to know about that, you should take some time and read it out!

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Investing Money in Ripple

Ripple is a technology that acts as a digital payment and cryptocurrency network for any transaction. Ripple was launched in2012, and the main process of Ripple is a system for transferring payments and exchanging the assets. It is the token and has the symbol XRP.

XRP is the intermediate that works as the exchange between the two different networks or currencies. It is a temporary settlement. The two parties’ trusted agent confirms that the exchange went adequately.

Advantages of Ripple Long-term Investment

If you are thinking of investing in Ripple, then there are several benefits that you can experience, and those are mentioned below-

  • The confirmation of the transaction is incredibly fast, which means it takes only four to five seconds. But, at the same time, when you choose any other cryptocurrency, it will take hours to complete the transaction.
  • The cost of a transaction that you need on Ripple is relatively low. So there is only a small fraction of the amount which is necessary.
  • It is a versatile exchange network as it processes transactions and can also be used for other cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies.
  • Large enterprises mainly use Ripple as a transaction platform. Many large institutions have adopted this as more than any other cryptocurrency.

Disadvantages of Ripple Long-term Investment

Some of the disadvantages that you can experience from using Ripple are mentioned below-

  • Other cryptocurrencies are more popularized because of their decentralization, but Ripple is somewhat known as centralized, and that is because of the default validator’s list.
  • The supply of Ripple is not circular, and it may include large quantities that may impact the value of XRP.
  • SEC has filed a lawsuit against Ripple as it says since Ripple decided to release the XRP, it should be registered as the security, but Ripple denied the allegation.

EOS Long Term Investment

EOS is the innovative blockchain known as the Electro-Optical System and is popularly an open-source blockchain platform. It is used to host, manage and develop decentralized apps. The main goal of EOS is to make blockchain technology a lot more accessible and easier for users or developers from all over the world.

It was founded in2017. It is the native token and aims to remove the transaction fees and reach millions of transactions per second.

Advantages of EOS Long-term Investment

There are several benefits that you can experience from using EOS as the platform, and those benefits are mentioned below-

  • It is the platform that offers super-fast transaction speed. It is fast and the most efficient. It even involves low transaction fees.
  • When you use EOS, it will allow you a high degree of configurability. It is pretty helpful for the user where they can manage the programmable architectures.
  • EOS Blockchain is considered one of the best secure blockchain networks you can use. It even offers you a wide range of permissions.

Disadvantages of EOS Long-term Investment

Look below to learn about some of the demerits of EOS that the platform offers, and those are as follows-

  • The block producers do not encourage sound governance participation. On the contrary, it means there will be a change in the rules, and things will become more difficult.
  • It takes around 3 minutes to create the new block, whereas usually, it takes just 0.5 seconds.

Which one is better for long-term investment?

When it comes to comparison, both Ripple and EOS are better in their way. Both offer you low transaction fees and will complete the transaction in a few seconds. But when you talk about long-term investment, you need to be careful. Considering the current circumstances, you will see that EOS is overtaking the Ripple despite reducing its price.

It is only because of the decentralized smart contract. It is the fifth-largest digital token, and if you want to get more and more profits in the future, then EOS can be the better decision. It is growing day by day, and it will climb more in the future.

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