Learn Skateboarding Tricks Safely through SAIL Electric Skateboard

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On October 9, 2018
Last modified:February 25, 2020


Have you ever wondered what it feels like soaring through the wind on a skateboard and do all the tricks and everything that comes with it but you get tired too easily? Or you don’t like the physical part of it? Don’t worry this is 2018, it’s the era where lazy people are going to rise. Alright jokes apart, we have a solution to your problem, or rather Teamgee as a solution to your problem. It is their new invention, like really new it is only available for pre-order but don’t worry it’s not a hoax, it’s a legit product. They invented the SAIL, an electric skateboard. Yeah I know electric and skateboard, the older people reading this sure are cursing why it wasn’t available a decade ago, but it is what it is.

teamgee sail skateboard

This invention is nothing short of a revolution as it is one of a kind. The members of Teamgee have worked really hard on it and so have we reviewing it. So don’t worry you will get every information you need here and a complete review. So keep reading to find out about the future of Skateboarding with SAIL!

Various Features of SAIL

As their promo material says, the skateboard is made for everyone. Whether you are looking for skateboards for learners or for tricks and stunts, they got you covered. It does not matter if you are a professional or an amateur, you can ride this board like you have been practicing your whole life for this moment. Now let’s stop with the boring words and get into the action.

  1. First of all, Teamgee promises on a single charge, which takes about 1-2 hours you can travel up to 14 miles which is a lot.
  2. The top speed which it can achieve is around 20 miles per hour. At the same time, there are two-speed options so that you can always be comfortable at whichever speed you feel like you are in.skateboard in action
  3. Oh did I mention there’s a remote? YES, there is a remote. You can control the speed and the brakes with the remote. Also, you can check the remote for the amount of charge available on the board.
  4. The skateboard is really slick and has an irremovable battery inside the board.
  5. It’s very lightweight and easy to carry. The charger is also very small. So small that it can be kept inside your pocket. Therefore you can carry it anywhere you want.
  6. The material with which it is made if is very lightweight and very much durable. It is made of 11-ply Canadian maple along with carbon fiber. In this way the battery is well protected and also the overall structure is very strong.
  7. The brakes. Now the brakes are one of a kind. First, if all they don’t stop immediately, they slow down slowly so that you don’t fall off. Secondly and more importantly the skateboard has regenerative braking. What it means is that once you brake or go downhill your battery starts charging. Innovative!
  8. The price! As compared to its competition the price is 1/4th. Wow right? The price is somewhat around the $300 mark and that’s amazing.sail skateboard in action
  9. The motor is very silent. So when you drive it across town or on the street you don’t have to worry about scaring the pedestrians with the noise of your motor.
  10. It can move uphill too. Yes, it can move uphill to a maximum of 20° which is amazing for a battery operated product.


Now let’s talk tech. Let’s talk about all the numbers and why this skateboard is worth the hype it is receiving. The technical details are as following:

  • Dimension: The dimension of the products are as following: 780mm* 210mm* 12mm
  • Maximum Tilt: 20°
  • Maximum speed: The skateboard can achieve the maximum speed of 20mph
  • Distance on one charge: The maximum distance the skateboard can cover in one charge 14 miles.
  • Maximum load: It can carry the maximum load of 240lbs
  • Rated voltage: 24V 3.5Ah
  • Weight: It is a very lightweight skateboard weighing at only 11 lbs.
  • Battery: It has an irremovable polymer battery.
  • Charging time: It takes around 2 hours to be fully charged from zero charges.sail electric skateboard
  • Control system: It has a 2.4Ghz technique.
  • Motor size: Surprisingly the motor is very silent. You won’t even hear it work. The size is around 84mm*56mm
  • Motor power: The motor has a power of 480W.

Let’s unbox it!

So what do you get in the box is the next main question. Well, don’t worry we will tell you about that too.

So after you open the box you will find an already assembled skateboard, so that you don’t have to build anything! There’s a battery and a Battery cable because you obviously have to charge it.

They give you two shockers so that if you bump into something your skateboard won’t be damaged and you will have some kind of a shock relief. They also give you a user manual and a few skateboard tools in case you need to repair or do anything with the board.

Lastly, they obviously gave you the remote so that you can control the skateboard.

A few cons which you should know about!

Yeah, every good thing has some flaws but these aren’t huge deal breakers. A few flaws which can easily be fixed if given enough funding and time.

  • The uphill travelling is really slow, which is not as much a flaw as something which is really normal since the motor is not that powerful, but on the other hand, you are getting a really good and silent motor.
  • When going downhill the brakes don’t stop the board completely. Hey, blame it on gravity!


The team at Teamgee are working really hard on it and you can really help them by pre-ordering SAIL: Electric Skateboard and funding them on Kickstarter. They are doing a wonderful job and money should not be an issue for which they need to stop their progression. Lastly, if you didn’t read it before the skateboard costs just $300 which is 1/4th the price of other similar types of skateboards. A really sweet deal I must tell you!

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