7 Innovative ways to save money on weddings

Wearing white shouldn’t cost you too much in green. Here, wearing white symbolizes a wedding, and green symbolizes money. While a wedding can be one of the happiest moments for an individual and his family, it can undoubtedly be one of the costliest affairs.

However, if you plan your wedding and the expenses involved smartly, it wouldn’t cost too much green for wearing white. So the chief purpose is to guide you and ensure that you save maximum money while planning a wedding without compromising the quality and grandeur of the wedding.

Here are the seven Innovative ways to save money on weddings:

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Considering Wedding in Off-Season

Planning a wedding at a time when there are too many weddings planned, and there is already too much demand for wedding necessities like wedding dresses, decoration items, bookings of wedding venues, the expenses involved are bound to skyrocket.

By planning a wedding at such a time when there is off-season for the hotel or venue owners and vendor and service providers of wedding necessities, one can smartly save a large amount of money compared to what would have been spent had the wedding been planned during the season.

Rent Jewellery instead of buying it

Purchasing Jewellery for wearing it during the wedding involves a considerable amount of expenditure of money. Moreover, much money is spent to keep standard among the relatives and known ones during the wedding.

Instead of incurring this unnecessary expenditure for such a short duration of time, a cheaper alternative exists, i.e., Renting the jewellery. It is an emerging trend in recent times as it provides double benefits to the person planning a wedding.

On the one hand, the individual is saved from incurring significant expenditure on purchasing jewellery and thus saves the maximum amount of money; they can also wear the best designer jewellery – which would have been initially out of budget if purchased- at fractions of the cost.

Saving Money on Wedding Dresses and Outfits

Looking pretty during the wedding is the topmost priority of a bride, and the wedding dress is given the chief consideration in looking pretty and attractive during the wedding. No matter the wedding dress is very costly, if one finds it beautiful and makes it purchase, nobody can change the mind.

A thoughtful way to save money on wedding dresses and at the same time purchase the best and most beautiful dresses is searching and shopping from such outlets, which provide the prettiest wedding dresses at the most affordable rates. One outlet providing the most affordable wedding dresses is ‘New York City Bride.’

The A-line silhouette wedding dresses available come in such variety and attractive designs that you would not think of looking for wedding dresses anywhere else.

Selecting an Out of Town Wedding Venue

Another smart way of saving money on weddings is planning it out of the town or at the outskirts of the place where they are living. Instead of choosing an upscale and expensive hotel in the city’s posh areas, choosing a venue on the outskirts saves a lot of costs.

Along with this, when a wedding is planned within the town, the possibility is that a more significant number of guests have to be called due to societal pressure and keeping good relations with all the known ones in the vicinity. Organizing the wedding out of town saves a lot of costs as only a limited number of guests must be called at such locations.

Adopting Cost-efficient and Innovative ways of invitations

The traditional ways of inviting guests through cards involve a lot of designing, printing, and distribution expenses. Instead of such a traditional way of invitations, the new digital forms of invitation can be many pocket-friendly and environment-friendly ways of invitation.

Sending E-invites through social media messages, E-mails, etc., would involve the cost of designing E-Invites and would be much more cost-efficient than existing ways of invitations. However, even when some known ones and relatives are not very tech-savvy, a small number of cards may be printed and sent to them as an invitation.

Getting Rid of Nice to Haves

There are some things at the wedding which are must to have and some which are nice to have. The Must to haves thing has to be there for a wedding to complete and cannot be compromised.

However, the list of what you would like to have will be unending, and fulfilling everything will lead to much over–expenditure. So the intelligent way here to save money on weddings is to get rid of such nice tp have things if they go beyond your budget constraints.

While it is not ideal for cutting on such nice things, if it crosses the budget limits and stays in debt, it is much better to get rid of such unnecessary expenditures.

Hiring Freelancer or Part-Time Service Provider

A wedding involves hiring several service providers, including decorators, musicians, bands, photographers, etc. Hiring professional service providers are bound to consume a lot of monetary expenditure.

Instead, hire freelance or part-time musicians and singers, photographers, decorators, etc., who are much more affordable than professionals. They can be hired after looking at their previous works. Then, if found satisfactory, you can hire them and save a large amount of money that could have been spent, had it not been so.


Money saved is money earned. But unfortunately, not everybody has a large number of funds to spend on show-offs to society in the name of maintaining standards. A wedding is one such program where people spend a large amount of money, even when they cannot afford it, to show off and maintain society’s standards.

However, it is not necessary to be involved in such unnecessary expenditure if you work smart. The above-mentioned intelligent ways of saving money on a wedding can help ensure that it is organized in the most successful and cost-saving way without compromising its quality and enjoyment.

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