How Many Screens Do You Need to Engage with Customers?

There are countless strategies to increase customer engagement with digitals signage screens. Would I say too many? Never! Those strategies are intelligent, creative, and very easy to carry out having found great DS soft (and we’ll get back to that a bit later). But first – the hardware: I’m pretty comfortable stating that, as far as customer engagement goes, I can run a pretty good campaign with just a single screen. Any number above that single display can help you to significantly boost customer engagement. Any small to medium-sized enterprises like retails stores, restaurants, cafés, beauty salons or any king of SMEs in need of a bit of customer engagement boost can run a successful engagement campaign with just two screens. Now, let’s see how using just two screens you can cook up an engagement strategy so huge, so great, and so unbelievably amazing that there won’t be one unengaged person left in your part of the city.

Before you count the screens

OK, the fact is all of the screens no matter how many you can afford are pretty much worthless without great digital signage software. There is no way to engage customers with bad signage no matter how many screens you display it on, so choosing professional digital signage software is always a priority. Easy setup, user-friendly easy-to-use soft that can play interactive content, soft that accepts key media formats and can integrate other tech are all a must for DS software. Additionally, and you should expect this from your DS soft: the design has to come first, the company should offer beautiful template design, modern fonts, and colors, as well as images, icons, and filters. If you need a recommendation: we have been using Kitcast TV software for a year now, their signage can engage a person during rush-hour on Times Square at 42nd street in the NY City Subway. Check them out at

Screen #1: Location-based and dynamic DOOH

There’s no customer engagement without the customers. So, the job of our first screen is to attract, advertise, boost brand awareness and increase foot traffic – all easily achievable with location-based and dynamic DOOH. A nearby billboard, beacons with integrated mobile tech will boost your foot traffic immensely. Study after study continues to show that DOOH with the integrated mobile is not the better, but rather the only smart choice. Last year we’ve seen reports, that show that DOOH generated unbelievable visit lifts, with cases of a 260% boost or over 11,500 tracked visits to the advertised store. It’s important to go through recent case studies to have a clear idea of what to strive for.

Plus, dynamic DOOH will help you to run highly targeted campaigns. It makes sense to guide the morning commute crowds to your coffee shop for that first a cup of Joe, advertise pampers on sale to the parents on their afternoon walk, or guide crowds to your restaurant during lunchtime. You’ll have the ability to include factors like weather or the time of day, change your content according to the weekend or the holidays all to engage customers in an intelligent way and optimize your campaigns in near real-time. Our must-have Screen #1 is a very smart way to engage customers, showing people only the information they need at the moment they need it.

Screen #2: Window-screen for the retail and digital menu for the cafes and restaurants

The second screen should be chosen based on your business: if you are in retail there’s nothing more important than the window display screen, though if you own a beauty salon the window screen takes the back seat: an interactive wall display showcasing all of the beauty products you sell and explaining all of the available treatments are an absolute must. Let’s look at two of the most popular customer engagement solutions: the storefront window screen and the digital menu display.

In retail a storefront window is everything. Competition in the retail industry is fiercer than ever and between online shopping and subscription services, consumers have a lot of amazing choices worldwide. Luckily one window screen can help you to stand out, create a 24/7 shopping experience and engage customers in a new meaningful way. You can display beautiful images and videos of your brand’s products, 8/10 customers have entered a store because of engaging digital screen content. Plus, movement and motion can instinctively make your customers stop and focus on your digital display. You can turn your screen into an interactive 24-hour shop, so customers can browse your catalogs order and pay without the need to adjust their day according to your open hours, or even having the need to come into your store. In the same way, by incorporating Augmented reality you can entertain your customers and help them to visualize the lamp from your latest collection right in their homes, or see how they would look in the new coat displayed on the store’s mannequin. Your window display can be equipped with a camera so your ads will be targeted and you’ll have the ability to engage even more customers.

Now, for quick-service restaurants and coffee shops, the digital menu screen is an absolute staple, there is no better way to engage with your customers. First of all, it’s a great place to advertise your menu as well as your specials. Secondly, the annoyance factor that is eating away at your customer satisfaction level will disappear with digital menu display screen: within seconds you’ll be able to change your breakfast menu for the lunch one, eighty-six no longer available menu items, list the nutritional information, specify ingredients and the calorie count. All of your customers will be able to clearly see the text and by integrating another tech you can control your inventory, train staff or promote loyalty programs.

After working 5 years as a Software Analyst in reputed MNC, Rebecca decided to settle down and work from home. Having an expertise in business & being a life motivator, she loves to share similar stuff on our website by the means of her articles.