10 Sidekicks Marvel Wants You To Forget

If you have watched most superhero movies, you might be aware of sidekicks’ characters.

Marvel is one film industry that has adopted the sidekicks’ characters extensively. These stars aid movie protagonists in fighting villains as they also possess supernatural powers.  No one can stop but imagine their unique roles considering the unavailability of the sidekicks.

When watching Marvel films, one can notice how some sidekicks partner with the superheroes in fighting supervillains.  Besides, they provide an enjoyable companionship with their main character.

Jane Foster Marvel

Also, they cover the starring weakness. The main character may lack powers or personality to fit in a situation, which may be possessed by the sidekick. In short, the sidekicks make the movie more entertaining.

But did you know that sidekicks can spoil the fun? While Marvel could be having some of the best sidekicks, there are some that Marvel wouldn’t want its fans to know about.


If fans complain about a sidekick, Marvels remove such characters or cut their roles.  To have a better understanding of the bad sidekick that Marvel wants you to forget, you can watch Marvel Movies in timeline order. These sidekicks have been a total annoyance to the Marvel Universe.

1. Abandoned Whitewash Jones

Washington” Wash” met Bucky, Captain America’s sidekick and was later introduced to the Young Allies. But Whitewash never stuck well in Marvel for the sidekick role.

It seems Whitewash Jones was one of his kind.  He portrayed himself as illiterate and awkward.

Marvel wished readers would forget about this character who seemed offensive. In fact, they later revise the Young Allies line as scandalous propaganda.  Meaning, there was a shared liability for the character’s offensive racial stereotype.

Whitewash was declared a humiliation on every level.

2. Hairball in Lockjaw and pet avengers

If you had a picture of sidekicks in real movies, there are also sidekicks in animated casts. One of the animated Marvel movies with a sidekick is Lockjaw and pet avengers.

Hairball is the sidekick to Snowball, and both of them got powers from a lab fault. However, critics disfavor the role of a cat (Hairball) in the film, due to the fact that Hairball should not have similar powers and characters as Snowball, as the movie depicted.

Pet Avengers desired to have an animal sidekick who has the same powers as his. And all he would do is to leap off on walls

With Hairball, it’s clear that animal sidekicks have not excelled in the comics. But the reason for this has never been clear.

3. Abner Little in Black Panther

A sidekick is supposed to be supportive and a compatriot to the main character. However, Abner’s little of Blacks Panther spoils the image. Abner is conniving and, at times, unsupportive to Black Panther. Furthermore, Abner had few powers which would help Black Panther in fighting crime.

Black Panther seems to work out of character; probably this could have some connection from his sidekick.  Just as the name suggests, little never deal with matters

4. Free spirit in Captain America

Whether animation or real-life, Captain America is one of the most selling Marvel telecasts. However, the films’ sidekick (Free Spirit) infuriated fans.

The role of Free Spirit was to impress the male audience due to her fighting skills and attractive looks. However, she did not. Her role programmed her to hate men, which did not go well with men audience. Soon Marvel replaced her, and after a year of acting, nobody missed her.

5. Dennis Dunphy in Captain America

Dennis Dunphy was a sidekick to Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson, both in Captain America. The characters have been used sparingly in the Marvel comic books.

His character reflected the combination of Daredevil and Wolverine; this is where his costume mixture came from.

6. Lead Lad Iron Man

Iron man had a young ward as a sidekick, but later, he proved to be a terrible guardian.

The search for a sidekick backfired on Iron Man, leading to a pointless story. But I tend to think it was a lesson for anyone who would have agreed to become Iron Man’s sidekick.

7. Eric Selvig in Avengers’ and Thor

It was hard to notice Eric since he started his journey in the Avengers: Age of Ultron. He spent most of his time being brainwashed.

But his stay in the film made everyone realize the role of a sidekick was not his match.

8. Moon Boy in Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H.

Moon boy was a small furry humanoid, a companion of the Devil Dinosaur. He has no superpowers. Having superpowers is one great factor Marvel considered

He later succumbed to death after Devil Dinosaur avenged him, though he had at one point tried to save Devil Dinosaur.

Moon boy was considered as a worthless sidekick; it could be one of the reasons why he has not been seen for a while in the Marvel Universe

9. Jack Flag in Captain America

Jack Flag rarely appeared beside Captain America. Later his career as a superhero came to a standstill. The powers obtained from Hyde formula made him get powers which aided him to join Free Spirit and Captain adventures; this was after their success in bringing King Cobra down.

Jack later died, and no one seem to remember his efforts

10. Jane Foster in Thor

Jane was a nurse sidekick to Dr. Donald Blake. Unfortunately, Marvel never allowed Foster to grow hand in hand with her superhero counter.

He was seen as a casual love interest.

Later, Jane Foster was seen in the New Thor where her mortal body would be weak due to chemotherapy in her body. This was seen every time she tried to transform into the God of Thunder.

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