Skills To Develop While You Are Quarantine

Self-quarantined generally means stay behind at your home. But, at this juncture, this particular word means a lot, while at this time, you are performing your oppidan duties by isolating yourself from the outer world. Though you are doing this by law, it can be monotonous in a particular period. After all, we are social beings. 

But then, each and every one of us must abide by the instructions circulated by the Government. That means you have to work from home. 

Quarantine Days of Corona

Just now, the state of affairs with COVID-19 is terrible. We all need to fight against it together.      Naturally, people are locked in their homes. Staying at home for several days does not mean that you will have to surrender those precious times but in vain. You can nurture your hobbies for this period. Like, suppose you are a singer but could not make out time. This is the right time to give your wishes wings!! 

You can alleviate your thoughts by watching your favorite tv shows or soaps if you want to distract yourself from the distressful updates of the news channels. Although those updates are essential in this crucial time, you can utilize this time by focusing more on constructive activities that are helpful for self-development.  

So, here are some of the things you can try doing by avoiding the usuals:

1. Exercise self-discipline

Self-discipline is a lot more of a skill than natural talent. You have to build up this skill by rehearsing regularly. It will help you stop lingering at your work and get things done in less time. There are many ways to demonstrate self-discipline. But the foremost is to go to bed early and wake up early. 

Self-discipline is an ability to control and motivate yourself to practice good habits. By waking up early and having some home exercises can lead your leisure to a better one. 

Change Habits

Sometimes you can be lethargic to your work, your self-discipline can help you to overcome it. Always remember, being remote does not mean you will get lazy. If you get habituated with it, you will suffer in the future. 

Maybe, this is the first time you and your colleagues are allowed to work from home because of this emergency situation caused by Covid-19. So, this is the time to show your valuable actions during this challenging time. Your efforts might be appreciated by time. Your self-discipline will help to stay stout. 

2. Develop a reading habit 

The habit of reading is one of the best practices a person can ever possess. You have often thought of reading books but have no time. So, cheer up. All the texts on the bookshelf are going to be yours for the next few days. Pick up your favorite ones and start reading by sitting in a cozy corner of your house with a cup of smoking coffee in your hand. 

Reading helps build confidence. It reduces your stress level and also puts you in a better mood. Once you start reading, eventually, this will become your habit, that will enrich your knowledge day by day. 

Reading Habit

3. Reduce social media usage

Social media is the foremost way to gain information about so many things at a time. It can provide you with contemporary issues, and can also help you to socialize even after you are locked down at home. So, for sure social media is the most essential facility that allows you to keep in contact with the outer world when you are quarantined. 

But there are always some disadvantages to everything. Social media also has differences. There are probably some people who are spreading misconceptions like wrong information about Covid-19. Maybe, they do this intentionally to create panic in mass. All these misconceptions can spread discomfort to every single one, that is harmful to anyone. 

Social Media

Social media lacks emotional connection as each, and everything is virtual there. It can indulge people in getting aggressive. Any kind of outrageous action is addictive, that affects everyone. Being isolated from the outer world can make your mental health vulnerable, which can affect your emotions too. So, to keep your mental condition sound, you need to unfollow and block those people, who are spreading rumors. 

4. Pamper your dream project

Each and everyone has a passion in their life. But not everyone gets the chance to fulfill it or make their passion their career. Suppose you want to start up an apparel boutique, you can utilize this time to set up your new business. In this period, you can research the features and designs of clothes that you are willing to display in your store. You can create new ideas about apparel to introduce yourself to the market. Or, you may want to be a writer, then you should start penning down your thoughts.

It is really not necessary to finish whatever you have started up at a specified period. What is essential is to find out your passion and work accordingly. If it is started once, it will surely get an outcome. So, go ahead. 

Dream Project

5. Developing new skill

In this modern time, the business world is changing expeditiously. So, as per the evolution of technology, there is a constant need for new skills learning. Most of the time, it is difficult to look upon new things. But, you want to gain dexterity in learning something new. Well, this is the best time to involve yourself with some new skills while you are quarantined. 

People who seek success in life always dedicate their spare time to the pursuit of learning. So, if you also want to do so, then get an admission in an online course suitable for you. It can be evolving your video editing skill or can start singing in a new genre. You can try learning any foreign language too. Whatever it is, it will surely surprise your co-workers when you return to work from isolation.

Learn Juggling

Nowadays, when technology is so fast and furious, there are a bunch of ways to make yourself learn anything. It can be through blogs or apps. Some online institutions have introduced many courses, from where you can get your required options at your fingertips. Maybe, these skills would help you in further work in the future. 


Well, that’s not all. You can even take online courses on your favorite subject matter, or you may improve your vocabulary, bring some personal development, do cooking or any part-time online jobs, etc.

But, whatever you do or not, do wash your hands every one hour, cover your face while coughing or sneezing, and lastly, be productive!

Lana Martinez is a freelance technical writer living in the Santa Clara. She's a gadget and tech geek who loves to write how-to articles about a wide range of topics. When she's not writing about technology, Lana loves watching and reading mysteries, cross stitching, and attending musical theatre. She's also an avid Doctor Who fan.