How to Become a Realtor in California?

To be eligible to start a real estate business in San Diego, Fresno, Sacramento, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Jose, or any other city in the state, you must obtain a California real estate license. To be more specific, you have to be a realtor in California.

If you want to get your real estate license in California, you need to be at least 18 years old. Then, you need to finish the 135-hour pre-licensing education properly.

For that, you have to take admission in authorised school. Then, you need to get your fingerprint approved. Lastly, you have to clear the California salesperson licensing exam, after which you will be considered as a realtor in California.

Now let’s check deeper into why be a realtor when there are other options to pick for your career?

Realtor in California

Scope of a Realtor

Highly Profitable

There is an immense profit in this occupation. When you start a profession as a real estate broker, then you have taken an entrance to a vast income possibility. An average real estate realtor bags 25% more allowance than any average worker in this industry in the United States.

You can get back a sufficient amount of premium from your initial investment, if you have vigorous business skills. What you need is, you have to utilise that knowledge in a proper way.

You need to be in charge of all your business deals. That means, you need to have control over everything about your investment and transaction. Then only you can expect a better return.

Better Accessibility

Being a real realtor you will have more accessibility to any other career. It is really tiring to run after a corporate career. You always have to fight against deadlines and regular competitions. In this situation, if you want to look for another occupation, becoming a realtor is an appropriate choice for you.


By choosing this profession you are actually getting into your own business, where you do not have to fulfil any deadlines or to be in any kind of pressure. You will be the boss of your own self.

You can appoint some staff of your own choice if you find that you are good with what you do. There are thousands of eminent scopes in real estate business. It can also unlock the door of a lot of success in future.

Real Estate Curriculum

Becoming a Real Estate Agent in California Requires Taking a Training Course. There are several courses that you will need to take before applying for your California real estate license. Each of these courses are 45 hours The courses are 45 hours each for a total of 135 of coursework to qualify for licensure.

The mandatory course is Real Estate Principles. It is followed by Real Estate Practice.

You can choose a final 45-hour course of different real estate related courses by yourself. It also includes finance, escrows, real estate appraisal, mortgages, real estate law and more.

When you complete all 135 hours courses successfully with a passing grade, you are suitable to apply to take your California real estate license exam.

Steps to Become a Realtor in California

The process to become a real estate agent is almost akin in most of the states. Every individual state has it’s steps, that are isolated from other states.

Realtor in USA

There are four stages for becoming a California real estate agent are given below:

Step 1: You have to be at least 18 Years old.

Besides, you must also be a citizen of the United States.

Step 2: Get registered for the educational course and Accomplish 135 Hours of Required Education

Whenever you want to apply for the California Real Estate License Exam, the state wants you to finish 135 hours of the BRE-approved college-level real estate courses. We offer four education options that fulfil the 135-hour requirement.

Step 3: Make an application for Your Salesperson Exam/License Application. Do a Fingerprint test and Background Check

You are eligible for applying for your license exam, when you have completed your required education. The applicant should submit an application form and the license fees to complete the entire process.

Your fingerprints must also be submitted if you are a newbie member. In addition, your application and fee will expire if you are not able to clear the exam within two years of the date the application is submitted.

Step 4: Sit for the California Salesperson License Exam

You should obtain a score of 70% or more than that to pass the California Salesperson License Exam.

When you are confident about your exam preparation, then only go for it. Get an enrolment to the 2-Day Exam Prep Course. The best way to conclude your needed training with an analysis of the basic theory and focus points.

Marketing Skills You Must Own Before Being a Realtor

Marketing skills are essential to get clients, generate leads and make your way through hundreds of other realtor in order to succeed. Here are some of the qualities and skills that the actual home buyers and sellers value and look for, in a realtor:

Realtor leads

Gather local knowledge side by side

Real estate office workers must have to gather particular information to achieve a better chance of success. You should intimate yourself with new zoning laws, bylaws, local businesses, bus routes, schools.

It is also necessary to know about people moving in, out, or within your neighbourhood. You can establish yourself as a local market professional, who will be trusted by the clients. You should not be just an outsider, who is looking for a profit share out of them.

Stay updated on industry trends

Make yourself up to date about what is happening in your industry. You should know about laws that affect real estate agents, mortgage rates, and every other possible matter in between. Make yourself familiar with reading trade publications daily.

Network, network, network

We all have a misconception about networking. Networking is often misjudged as a method of exchanging information from one to another. Networking is a group or system interconnected by some like-minded people, who will give back to you in times of need.

Create a network with your associate real estate agents. Besides, engage more experienced people in your business from whom you can gather more useful information.


Hope the above discussion may help you to flourish your career as a realtor, in future. However, practical information is more important than academic ones.

A good realtor in California will be valued by their customers in terms of their needs fulfilled. You must be market expert and service-oriented to become a well-known real estate agent.

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