Top 10 Soundcloud Downloader to Free Download Music (Mp3)

SoundCloud is one of the most popular place to listen to music online. New artists release their song at this music streaming site which you can listen and enjoy either by visiting from your browser of using SoundCloud app from Android/iOS. But, with SoundCloud, whenever you want to listen a song, you need to have a fast internet connection which can be annoying if you can’t have the luxury of a fast internet connection anytime.

Music streaming services like SoundCloud are trending everywhere and everyone prefer to enjoy listening songs online from these because they keep updated list, tracks, albums, etc. but sometimes we are out of internet connection. In such cases, it is required to have music MP3 available in our phone or PC/laptop if we want to enjoy songs.


If you face such situation too frequently then you may also  want to download your favorite track from SoundCloud in your device so that in weak or no internet connection situation, you don’t have to get bored. SoundCloud doesn’t allow users to download music (mp3) directly to their device. So, you need to use SoundCloud downloader if you want to download song from SoundCloud.

Today, I am telling you free SoundCloud downloader which will allow you to download any desired SoundCloud song in Mp3 format of different qualities. Whether you are browsing SoundCloud from your PC/Laptop or phone, you’ll be able to use these SoundCloud downloader to download any SoundCloud music or whole SoundCloud playlist instantly.


SCDownloader is popular online SoundCloud downloader which allow any user to download any SoundCloud track for free. To download any SoundCloud track, all you need to do is just paste your SoundCloud track’s URL (link), SCDownloader will automatically provide download links to the SoundCloud song. SCDownload also features SoundCloud Playlist downloader which is also available for free. It allows users to download full SoundCloud playlist in Mp3 format.

Supported Platforms: Mobile, PC/Laptop

Using SoundCloud Downloader Free Chrome Extension

SoundCloud Downloader Free is a very handy chrome extension available for SoundCloud lovers. It allows users to directly download SoundCloud song without following any technical process. Once you have install and activated SoundCloud Downloader Free extension, it will put a Download button to all soundcloud tracks. So, whenever you visit your SoundCloud song page, you’ll see the download button there.

SoundCloud Downloader Free Chrome Extensoin

All you need to do is click that download button to download currently playing SoundCloud song to your PC in MP3 format right now. For PC/Laptop users who need to download lots of SoundCloud songs, this is the fastest SoundCloud downloader because you’ll not only able to download separate SoundCloud songs in Mp3 quickly but you can also download whole SoundCloud Playlist using this downloader with a single click.

Supported Platform: PC/Laptop

KeepVid Android

For Android users who want a dedicated app to allow them to easily download any SoundCloud track, KeepVid is the best SoundCloud Music downloader. The app allows you to download music/video from 30+ media streaming sites including Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LiveLeak, Mixcloud and many other. It also supports SoundCloud music download.

So, users who want to download any SoundCloud music track from SoundCloud, they can use KeepVid for Android to download any desired sound track/ music mp3 they want.

Supported Platform: Android

Use any of the above free SoundCloud downloader to download any desired SoundCloud song that you want in Mp3 format. If you were downloading SoundCloud songs to just download background music for your next video or ringtone for your smartphone or any similar task then you must read our article on how to create awesome background music easily.  Moreover, check our list of best Mp3 sites to download free mp3 songs.

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