Tap on Wood: Mobile Casinos’ Lucky Superstitions

Ever since the mobile revolution took over, we’ve been embracing the smartphone version of basically any activity we perform during the day. Smiles turned into emojis, hailing a taxi in now ordering an Uber, and a night at the casino has become tapping into your favorite lucky slots.

Tap on Wood

It might not be very surprising to note that these new habits bring with them a few old traditions that go through their own little mobile transformation. For example, the superstitions we believe in when playing a game of luck, which may seem a bit silly on the outside but mean the world to those trying to win a big reward. Check out these interesting mobile casino interpretations of slot players’ lucky beliefs:

It’s a numbers game

Even outside the casino world, certain numbers are considered to be extra lucky, like the number 7, and others, such as the number 13, are believed to be less fortunate. That’s why you’ll see certain slot machine apps promote lucky numbers and use them more often in their names, the messages they sent, and the progress of the slot game itself. For example, the leading free slot machine game 88 Fortunes includes the number 8 in the mobile casino app’s name, which goes perfectly with the social gaming app’s Asian theme, as 8 is considered to be the luckiest number in Chinese culture.

Color me lucky

Speaking of different cultures, many believe that specific colors have a way of affecting people’s luck, and casinos that honor these feelings and want to welcome players from all corners of the universe design their spaces accordingly. Slot machine gaming apps do the same thing, and their graphic departments take into consideration their choices of color based on what the target audience associates with them.

Just my luck

Just my luck

Traditions and cultures are important, but at the end of the day, players have their own personal superstitions that they follow religiously when playing casino apps. These are also similar to the beliefs many embrace when visiting a physical casino, instead of a mobile one. A player can wear what they believe to be a lucky shirt, for instance, having experienced many lucky games in that outfit. The mobile slots version of this habit is only different in the sense that at the comfort of our own home we would probably wear different garments, compared to a night out at the casino.

What is your mobile casino superstition? Share it with us and may it continue to bring you good luck!

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