What Tech Is Driving Forward Mobile Gaming?

The world of mobile gaming is one that is constantly evolving, with new developments and new games completely changing the way people experience gaming all the time. We now have more ways than ever before to know if a gaming company is offering a safe and secure place for making transactions, but the challenge is on to spot the trends likely to keep driving the diverse gaming industry forwards.

Of course, part of the process when it comes to predicting what is going to be successful comes down to understanding precisely what consumers are interested in, whilst keeping one eye on the technology and advances that bigger gaming companies are placing their faith (and their money!) in. Looking at this pattern, you can see that virtual reality technology is going to become an ever bigger part of the gaming world, a trend predicted by the likes of PlayStation starting to invest heavily in VR tech and creating their own VR games, whilst Forbes has reported on billionaire Jim Jannard launching the world’s first VR smartphone.

News like this helps to highlight the fact that virtual reality is a likely contender in the battle for prominence in tech when it comes to mobile gaming, but it is by no means the only trend to follow. After all, as we mentioned earlier, looking at what gamers are spending time and money playing is as good an indicator of future developments as what big-buck companies are doing.

Playing to Kill Time?

Looking at consumer behavior, it does seem that the key finding in terms of gamer enjoyment and motivation for mobile is enjoyment whilst killing short bursts of time. This means that while VR games may well find a huge audience on console and PC, they might not be overly well suited to quick gaming on mobile devices. Instead, what we find is that the successes of elements that have worked well so far give us a glimpse into the future, with iGaming and the world of online mobile casino games showing how a business model based on the understanding of gamer preferences can lead to an industry where many companies are reporting record profits.

Indeed, we can see that whatever technology is going to come along and drive further success, it has to be able to match the time and interest a gamer will put in to get rewards out of the game. So, the chance to play a quick online slots game or poker apps that take up a small amount of time and have a theme that you identify with simply needs to partner up with decent technology to remain safe and secure and a quick operating system for running efficiently in order to become huge successes.

An Augmented Future?

The only technological development that seems to have a near certain future in the world of mobile gaming and apps is that of augmented technology, which saw its first success blending the real and virtual world in the massively successful game Pokemon Go.

With features that allow gamers to blend the real world and the virtual world together, it is the perfect technology for using whilst on the go. If combined with simple games in accessible formats, this could yet prove to be the future of many of the most successful games in the next few years.

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