Ten Tips for Perfectly Pitched Essays

All the efforts put into the application process always pay off. Perfectly pitched essays show the admission committee that you are ready and can do the work required by the chosen university or college. This is your chance to reveal who you are and include information that couldn’t fit in other parts of your application. Even if you are good at academic writing, learning how to master an application essay is an entirely different story.

Here are some tips that can help you craft an exciting piece of writing that will show what you are truly made of:

1. Take Notes:

Preparing your essay composition starts long before you actually sit to write it down. Once you’ve decided to apply for college or university, start taking notes about everyday situations and experiences. Writing your journal helps a lot. Mention funny situations at school, motivating viral videos, a lecture that didn’t go as expected, a one-of-a-kind travel experience or an inspiring book. Don’t worry if you think that these pieces of information don’t make sense. When you decide to write the admission essay, you’ll have plenty of material to refer to.

Taking Notes

2. Be Yourself:

Your essay content is all about who you are and what you can do. Make a list of all your characteristics and experiences that won’t be included in the application. Take pride in who you are and tell the reader what shaped your character. There is no shame in feeling proud of what you’ve accomplished. Let the essay show that you are a great person that will add value wherever they go.

3. Explore your True Passion:

You might feel confused about the essay question, even though you’ve done a lot of preparation. Lots of people are unable to answer when they are asked about or what matters to them the most. Don’t worry; the answer is not that easy. But a potent and excellent way to find out is to ask yourself this question the minute you wake up. Do this several times. It could be family, your dream job, or your ambition to explore the world. Write about that.

4. Get Creative:

Before you start writing, make sure that you’ve got a unique story to fit every topic or question on the application. Avoid repeating the same story again and again, even if it is a good one. You are an interesting person and have lots of fascinating stories to share. Don’t forget that.

Get Creative

5. Get Started:

Now it is time to start the hard work. Make sure that you have a plan that provides time to brainstorm for excellent ideas, write a draft, edit, and refine your writing. Seek for the assistance of a professional writing helper online to submit killer essays that impress others. A qualified expert helps you submit mind-blowing admission essays that show your real potential. You can also receive quality feedback that enables you to improve the quality of your writing. Don’t stress yourself, especially if you are applying for several colleges and universities. Start early and take the time to do it the way you should.

6. Keep on Writing:

Students usually feel frustrated while working because they don’t think that their essays are good enough. Don’t worry because you will have plenty of time to review your essays after you’re done. Keep on writing even if you don’t feel that everything connects. Once you’re done, you will edit and refine as much as needed.

7. Study Your Target:

Each school, college or university is looking for specific traits in their qualified applicants. Take the time to research and find out what these characteristics are. Tailor an essay that highlights these points and improves your chances of getting approved.

8. Pay Attention to the Basics:

Regardless of the nature of your target school or university, most admission committees are looking for hardworking candidates that can be motivational leaders, can work properly with a team, and have excellent communication skills. If you want to show that you enjoy these traits, you should support your words with a reliable piece of evidence.

9. Be Yourself:

Don’t come off as too good to be true. You are human and have flaws; the admission committee already knows that. Talk about past failures that inspire you to overcome certain issues. Mention a problematic situation that shaped your character. Talk about why this degree is life-changing for you. This will help the reader relate to your desire to work on yourself and get a reputable degree.

10. Get Feedback:

Ask someone to read your essay. After you’ve corrected all the spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes, invite someone to read your essay as a whole. Are you consistent? Do your words make sense? Pick someone who has some experience with the application process like a teacher or a professor, if possible. They can highlight the areas where you need to put more work.

It is time to realize your dreams, and you’ve got the perfect essay to help you embark on your journey. Believe in yourself, and it will happen.

Author’s Bio:

John Landrum is a Chemistry teacher who holds a Master’s degree. When he is not teaching, he is either chilling with his wife and daughter, mountain biking with his friends or reading mystery books. He has a thing for plot twists.

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