The Things You Must Know About Big Data

Have you ever learned the term big data? It is actually all about the data such as media and other raw data. The term used in the company many times. You need to be a professional to handle big data for this you can learn a big data course. There are many institutes that are offering this course online and offline. Analyzing and handling the data efficiently is very important for an organization. Data is everything and you need easy access to it. It is basically a technology which is very important these days. In this article, we are going to discuss all the big data and the important things about it.

big data

What is Big Data?

First thing you need to know is what is exactly the big data. It is actually a massive amount of data that includes both structured and unstructured data. This type of data, you cannot manage using traditional techniques. You need some modern techniques to handle this large amount. This term is rather new in the industry but it is important. The amount of data around the world is increasing very rapidly. Moreover, this data is not of a single type. There are different kinds of varieties of data that we are collecting and saving each day.

Most of the information we have is now online and everyone can access it. The traditional books are not converted into e-books. Moreover, we have videos, images, and social media data. Do you know that the activity you do on your browser also stores as data? When you read an online magazine, the company not only records what you read but also stores the data of how fast you read.

In short, the big data is not only the data about what you do but also all kind of data such as logs, search history, video, text, transactions, etc. There are four V’s of big data which are as follows:

  • Velocity – The speed of data generation.
  • Volume – It is the increasing amount of data.
  • Variety – Types of data.
  • Veracity – The unstructured nature of the data.

Due to the large volume and variety of data, it will soon be difficult to manage it using traditional techniques. Big data refers to the modern technology of storing, managing and processing of the data.

Some Best Big Data Tools

There are some tools available that can help you to manage, store and collect big data. They are as follows:

Wolfram Alpha

This tool has the capability to do some complex calculations and to provide you with responses to technical searches. This is one of the recommended tools for business as it presents information using graphs and charts.

This tool allows the business to show their unstructured data on the web pages into structured tables which you can access through API.

Google Fusion Tables

It is a very powerful tool from Google that allows you large data mapping and set visualization.

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