Things You Should Know About the IP

Nowadays, with the enormous demand for searching, watching, communicating,.., Wifi becomes an important part of our daily lives. It is hard to imagine how we would be if there is no wifi for only one day.  Simply said, if you cannot send some essential emails for your partners, your work will be interrupted greatly. And in case this situation happens too frequently, it can cause losses for you. That’s why it is important to protect your wifi network. In the article, we will provide information about the IP so that you can better work with the router admin page.

Login the router admin page with

Default IP

You can easily go to the default homepage with Source:

Before you start, you need to connect your device (usually computer) with an ethernet cable. Then turn the router on and open a browser (Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Chrome,…) after seeing the light signal on the router interface. After that, you have to type the address http:// to go the default homepage. The default homepage will require you to type the default username and the password.

If you are not sure about the default username and default password of your router, don’t worry, there are some of the most common pairs that you can try. Admin-password, admin-michelangelo, user-password, sitecom-admin, user-user, root-root, administrator-administrator,…are among the most highly used pairs for different types of router. Try them until you get the right default username- default password pair for your router.

If you are not sure your router uses the IP address is among the most popular IP address, but there is still some other IP address. If you are using the router from Linksys manufacturer, then the default IP address is Here are some good models from Linksys manufacturer we highly recommend you to try. They are produced for the home usage demand as well as a small and medium-sized business network: BEFDSR41W, E8400, WAG54GP2, WRT54G-RG, BEFN2PS4, WAG54GS, WRT54G-TM, BEFSR11, EA2700, WRH54G, WRT54G2, WRT54G3GV2-ST, E1500,…

What to do with is a convenient and mostly-used way for your first-time setup. Of course, when you buy a router, you need to do some setups for it, and you can do it easily with In addition, you should go to this default homepage to change the password to better secure your network.

IP Password Username

Changing the password to better secure your network. Source:

The default username and the default password on the homepage are too easy to find and remember because they are set to maximize convenience. This may be useful in some situations when you cannot remember is. However, as other can easily get access to your network, you will face the security problem. As information has been played an important role in business, many companies are willing to pay money to get your information. You need to learn how to protect yourself from leaking information.

Moreover, in the homepage, you can set different options to your private network, for instance, LAN or WLAN settings, MAC, DNS, Proxy, WPS, DHCP, DSL, PPPOE,…

You want to change default username and password?

Firstly, of course, you have to login the router homepage with the default username and password. In this page, there are detailed directions so that you can follow and change the username and password to what you want. However, sometimes, for particular routers, this process can be a little bit complicated. So the most convenient and quickest way to do so is to search the manufacturer’s name in Google. Then go to its official website, there are clear instructions on their page for you to change the default username and password.

You get problem logging the

If you try to login the router homepage with several times but still fail, may be not your router’s IP address. Of course, it the one of the most common IP, but it does not mean it is your router address. So you need to find out which is you router’s private address. Open the window terminal, type “cmd” and press Enter. Once the window terminal appears, type “ipconfig” and you will see your router’s IP address.

If it is still, you have to reset the router. Press and hold the “reset” button on the router for about 10 seconds till the power led is blinking. And now you can login to the router admin homepage again.

Knowledge is never useless, especially knowledge about how to protect your network and your information. Using this address, you can easily login the admin homepage to manage your entire network more efficiently.

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