Tips for Choosing Wedding Gold Jewelry

Gold ornaments are essential wedding accessories, here are some tips for choosing wedding gold jewelry:

  1. Due to the store value ability of gold is high, you should choose a pure gold jewelry when purchasing.
  2. Pay attention to whether the manual is fine, whether the joint is secure, marked collar clasp, the back of pendant and the inner ring.
  3. The bride should wear gold jewelry from all her friends and relatives at the wedding banquet to show respect.
  4. When choosing the gold vertical bar necklaces, pay attention to the luster, the color, the big circle of the necklace, the small ring, etc. whether they are in the same size and neat shape. You also need to see whether there are welding scars, burrs, false welding and open welding. Whether it will tie a knot, rotate and twisted when picking up. The sensitivity of the open coil and the elasticity of the spring also needs to consider.

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If you want to choose a fine slim gold necklace, it is best to choose 18K gold, because the same thickness of the necklace, the fastness and wear resistance of 18K gold is much stronger than the pure 24K gold. You can choose according these factors.

  1. Look at the color: the higher the purity of gold jewelry, the darker the color. In the absence of a gold mark, the color can be determined according to the luster. 
  2. Weigh the weight: gold jewelry in the hands should have a sense of sinking, fake gold jewelry is light. This method is not applicable to gold ornaments inlaid with gemstones. 
  3. Look at the hardness: pure gold is soft with low hardness. Your nails can draw a shallow mark and tooth bite can leave a tooth print. 
  4. Burn: use the fire to identify the jewelry, if the color is darkened or blackened to varying degrees, it is not pure gold, the color is thicker or all black, indicating that it is fake gold jewelry. 
  5. Look at the mark: such as “24K” marked “pure gold” or “solid gold”; 18K gold, marked “18K”; if the content is lower than 10K, according to the regulations, it can not mark K gold printing. 

Traditional Chinese weddings have gradually warmed up in the past two years. In addition to wearing Chinese dresses to add joy, they also wear traditional gold wedding jewelry. For us ordinary people, how to choose gold wedding jewelry is beautiful and practical? 

  1. Gold is not to show off the wealth. Have you ever been shocked by such news: In traditional Chinese weddings, the bride in the gown wears dozens of gold jewelry. In fact, this is not the “show off the wealth”, but because traditional marriage customs are like this. On the one hand, it is a good blessing to the daughter’s marriage, because since ancient times, there have been idioms that love is more solid than gold, and on the other hand, these jewels are given to the daughter as private money. It can be used to save the emergency. Many parents will accumulate dowry for her daughter when she was young, plus gifts from her other relatives and friends, they will form such a “magnificent” big squad. Relatives simply hope that a large dowry will give their beloved daughter a higher status in their families. 
  2. In most areas of China, the bride wearing gold jewelry customs are actually circulating. From the perspective of “a chaplet and official robes”, “phoenix coronet” refers to the crown decorated with dragon and phoenix patterns. The main body is made of gold, supplemented by luxurious craftsmanship – Filigree inlaid, and then embellished with pearls and colored gemstones to make a phoenix crown like a work of art. And “embroidered vest ” refers to the gorgeous cloak of a woman’s shoulder. If you are worried that you can’t control a too complicated headgear, then the traditional jewels and picture necklace may be more suitable for you. It is in line with the gentle temperament of classical beauty. 
  3. “Three gold and five gold” are more practical. Compared with “a chaplet and official robes”, which has more decorative effects than practicality, “Three gold and five gold” are obviously more practical. There is such a marriage custom: the male family will give the woman a gold jewelry as a gift, the “three gold” is a necklace, an earring, a ring, and the “five gold” adds a bracelet and a pendant. Different jewelry also has different styling patterns and meanings, such as peony and lily patterns, meaning a hundred years of good harmony, peace and wealth, auspicious cloud patterns symbolizing good luck, and bat pattern of homophonic “changing blessing“, pomegranate flower meaning “many children and blessings”.
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