Revolutionary Companies in India: Phone Sex, Tech, and More

More and more Indians are going online today than ever before. Largely thanks to a booming rural internet market. As more Indians head to the web to meet their needs and make their lives more convenient. In rural India, loneliness and inconvenience can cause any number of problems- from language barriers to limited access to goods, Indians are crying out for better choices. And these five businesses are making sure that market doesn’t go unaddressed.

Indian Sex Talk

Indian Sex Talk is more than meets the eye for sure. In the wave of Tinder dates gone wrong, and more people looking online for romance, it may seem odd that good old fashioned phone sex still finds a way to captivate an audience. What moves seemingly archaic technology firmly into the hands of the newest generation, is how they operate their business. Indian Sex Talk provides not only phone sex services but also companionship and even relationship advice. Giving anyone, at any place in the world, the ability to always have someone to talk to should they need it.  Whether you’re chatting about your deepest desires, or just want a bit of company, Indian Sex Talk provides a caring ear in a number of languages. They are also LGBTQ+ friendly, extending their services to any and all audiences, provided you’re over the age of 18.


Swiggy understands the demands of people’s everyday lives, and how difficult it can be to get a hot meal. Especially one that’s from a restaurant you actually want to eat at. Seamlessly fusing cutting edge in-app technology with over 100,000 restaurant partners, the company aims to change the game of food delivery in India. Adding in perks like no minimum order value, live order tracking, and 24/7 customer service sets the company far and above other food delivery services. Meaning that you can get an enjoyable hot meal of your choice, delivered directly to you, no matter where you are.


In the United States, few things bring people together in the excitingly chaotic way that fantasy football leagues do. Even television shows have been devoted to the time honored antics of traditions. The UK has a similar setup with European football (soccer for our American friends), but up until recently, India has been woefully left behind. Understanding that Indians are no less in love with sport, the Dream11 team has brought fantasy leagues to the massive country. Snagging the hopes and dreams of Cricket supports nationwide, the company has also brought in NBA, Football, and even Hockey. Keeping sports fans connected to their teams and their friends. Put your coaching prowess to the test by getting their app now.


ShareChat’s founders knew they were on to something great when they found out just how popular group chats have become. With over 460 million web users in India and an estimated 635 million by 2021, bringing communities together online paramount. What blocks most users in India is the specific dialects and vernacular used in different communities. With ShareChat, founders wanted to create a digital window that extended local content to users in a language they can understand. The innovative social media platform is now available in 14 different Indian languages but has all of the add-ons of any other popular platforms. From creating personalized stickers to reposting media, ShareChat allows users from even the forgotten reaches to be a part of the discussion.


It’s hard to go anywhere online without seeing the ominous warnings of global pollution, impending destruction, and gross misuse of resources. It’s also difficult to live clean and green when you have little access to a variety of everyday commodities- like sanitary pads. Thousands of tons of plastic are generated and filling landfills to the brim each year, because of disposables. Saathi looks to change that, one period at a time. Saathi is a purpose-driven company dedicated to providing everyone with eco-friendly hygiene options. In 2015, founders came together with the goal of creating fully compostable sanitary napkins, sourced from sustainable goods. Each founding member came with their own personal passions and experience, pooling it together to make Saathi pads- made from locally sourced and sustainable banana fibre. These pads not only reduce plastic dependency but also provide local Indians with better options and access to hygiene products as a result.

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