Top 10 Best Comedy Shows on Netflix Right Now

Are you planning to binge on some funniest series after a long tiring week? Though the pandemic is not yet over, spending hours and hours on a laptop to complete the typical work-from-home routine is also a sort of daunting task. Finally, are you in need of a good laughing dose? If yes, then Netflix has got you covered with these hilarious comedy shows. So, get your snacks and be ready for the weekend mental escape through the comedy.

Netflix Comedy

1. Never Have I Ever

This coming-age series is undoubtedly fun to watch, as Devi’s life is indeed a treat to watch. It is a story of an Indian-American teen girl who is hilariously dealing with all her school problems. Devi is prepared for the challenge and is on a mission to rave-up her popularity in the school with her tricky yet funny personality. You will view a lot of wit and humor shining in the series while Devi is trying to create her school identity. This story is also somewhat inspired by that of Mindy Kaling, so we hope you gotta know more of her also!

Never Have I Ever

2. Hail, Caesar!

This 2016 comedy film is about the film industry in the 1950s, written by the Coen brothers. It is a comic fable that is cleverly smart as well as inspiringly goofy. This is the loveliest and funniest film the Coen’s have ever produced. Although from its opening image, you cannot infer that it is a comedy film.

Hail, Caesar

3. The Office

This one is probably one of the funniest TV shows in history. As said by many, it is an American mockumentary that is based on a mediocre paper company that is in possession of Michael Scott. It follows the manager’s daily life and also shows the way he manages his employees. The show captures how the workers are working 24/7 to make sure to keep the business flourishing. Many hilarious and bizarre moments have been showcased in ‘The Office’. You need to begin watching it now as this funniest sitcom is leaving Netflix in 2021.

The Office Netflix

4. Moesha

Moesha is a sitcom that shows the story and adventures of a black girl living in Los Angeles, CA. This 90s TV comedy show is packed full of humorous one-liner dialogues and comical storylines. However, as she moves ahead in life, she starts facing different situations in life. From her high school, early dating, and family life, this show also offers fascinating insights into a teen girl’s mindset. The show lives up to the hype with topical issues impacting teenagers today, featuring pop and R&B singing sensation.

Moesha Netflix      

5. I’m Sorry

Andrea Savage is featured in the comedy series as an OTT dramatized version of herself, a professional comedian experiencing the so-called Los Angeles life. She seeks to fall in line between becoming a decent mother and wife, along with writing a comedy flick about her personal experiences with husband Mike and daughter Amelia. So, when she is not writing comedy to make money, she makes people laugh at her awkward things. She is a fun and awkward person at the same time due to her impromptu talks. This quirky sequence, produced by comedian and actor Andrea Savage, is guaranteed to elicit laughter.

I'm Sorry Netflix

6. New Girl

Catching her boyfriend with someone else, Jess, a lovely and bubbly teacher, becomes homeless. She now moves into a loft where she has to stay with three single and stranger guys. Nick is a dropout from law school who likes being alone, Schmidt thinks that he is a gift to women, and Winston is a former athlete who has no idea what to do, but wants to win. Now the question is how Jess will survive with them? Every character of this show is crafter with lots of humor and fun, which will make you laugh your heart out.

New Girl Netflix

7. Fuller House

There are times when you wish to watch something which is fun but at the same time also a bit warm and cozy. This rebooted version of Full House will do the task. Here is the Tanner clan back again with some amusing family adventures and a lot of boisterous fun, making the original 80s and 90s show the classic one. You are certainly going to love watching them.

Fuller House

8. Barbershop

You will be amazed to know that the viewers fell so much in love with this Black community’s barbershop tradition that they made a low-budget film into a sequel franchise. This 2002 movie is a story by Tim Story, which is charming and full of humorous moments. The barbershop is full of characters sharing their tales, jokes, daily struggles with each other. The series is held by Cedric, Anderson, and Ice Cube. One imagines what they’d talk about at the 2020 barbershop. Perhaps the time has come for another sequel?

Barbershop Netflix

9. The Good Place

The Good Place is where after one has passed away, they are supposed to go there once. On reaching a Good Place after death, the oh-not-so-good Eleanor Shellstrop realizes that she is in the wrong place. She keeps saying that she is not supposed to be in a Good Place at all. Eleanor seeks to fix her wrongs with Chidi’s help, her soul mate, hoping to eventually gain her spot in a Good Place. Have a look at how she does it all!

The Good Place Netflix

10. Shameless

The series shows the Gallaghers’ chaotic family that lives on Chicago’s South Side. The real star is Frank Gallagher, who is a single father of six kids. Although he spends most of his time drunk, his six children learn throughout their lives to take good care of themselves. You can see the insane stunts these siblings pull to keep their families alive. They are a real treat to watch due to the humor and fun in it.

Shameless Netflix

Wrap Up

So, here we are done with the Netflix binge-watch movie and series platter for you. We hope that this list of the top ten funniest Netflix TV shows is enough for your coming weekends!!!

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