Top 10 Developed Countries with No Tax

Residential, corporate, and student taxes are the three basic types of taxation charged in most developed countries. However, the rate of taxation is not necessarily equal amongst the nations on the above-mentioned grounds. They vary widely depending upon the countries’ economic and other relevant factors.

Moreover, there are certain developed nations that do not charge even a penny. These are the ultimate tax-free destinations, best suited for conducting businesses, settling a residence, or for study purposes.

In this article, you will get a detailed categorization of the duty-free developed countries where you pay no income and business tax.

Tax Free Country

Although the United States administration has recently reduced the taxes in the corporate sector, businesses have to give about 27% of their capital as tax to the government.

Before you are all set to complain about this rate, it is quite a low taxable amount. As per the recent study conducted by the PwC and World Bank, the mean value of the corporate tax is 40.5% globally.

However, many countries charge a rate that is even lower than that. So, for the entrepreneurs, doing businesses in nations with little or no tax certainly has its perks.

The amount tends to be quite low, which is an added advantage even though you want to import goods from that nation. However, in case you want to grab the full advantage of low tax business, then consider moving your business rudiments there.

Here are the top three countries which charge the lowest or, nearly negligible business taxes:


Bahrain is the leading nation amongst Arabian countries in terms of economic growth, with a corporate tax rate at 0%. Here, petroleum processing covers the primary part of the industrial sector, where the next place is taken by the Aluminum mines. In addition, financial, banking, and services sectors are the other secondary significant sectors in the country.

Their bilateral trade with the United States costs about $2 billion per annum, with the rudimentary commodities being vehicles, apparel, machinery, Aluminium, and agricultural products. So, this country is typically the ideal option for business.


The Bahamas

Apart from its outstanding location beside the Caribbean, the Bahamas is also the one to boast about its duty-free business style at 0%. There are two main sources of income in this country, namely: financial and tourism services. Also, it highly depends on the United States to meet food demands and import manufactured goods.

Around 6 million US dwellers visit here every year, which facilitates the US businesses and business holders who are looking to expand their trades overseas.

The Bhamas


Recently, the government of Hungary has reduced the rate of business tax to 9%. Plus, it has introduced a number of measures in order to make the member state of Central Europe appear more fascinating to foreign investors.

The primary import articles of Hungary are food, vehicles, electronics, and pharmaceuticals. If you have higher investment plans, then green industries, tourism, manufacturing, and agriculture, are the trending lucrative sectors here.

Additionally, Hungary’s low wage level contrasts with the highly skilled workforce, making it an ideal outsourcing destination for many US-based MNC firms.


Tax-free Nations for Settling Residence:


Monaco is currently ranking amongst the world’s top duty-free nations, which has turned it into a center for the European elite.

This attractively gorgeous nation standing on the French Riviera is at the same time safe and luxurious. Despite being an ideal destination for both the dwellers and the immigrants, it does not charge even 1%of income tax. It’s an entirely zero tax country.


Besides, as the nation tends to attract high-wage income followed by tax aversion, it is expected to remain in the list of nations with zero income tax, in the long run.

So, if you are planning to take citizenship or want to get settled here with your family, you are on the track.

However, you might require to spend a lump sum amount in order to prove your financial status prior to becoming a resident here. Other than that, the entire process of residency is fairly straightforward as it is a famous destination for the solvent ex-pats. For the ones who prefer European glamour to experience island-type region-type life, Monaco is the right place to pick.

Check out the country’s official guide to learn more about getting permanent citizenship cum residency in Monaco.

Saint Kitts and Nevis

This is another choice after Monaco to seek tax-free residence. Here, you won’t require to do much to get permanent residency. Citizenship price tag investment is also far lower than in nations like Monaco.

Moreover, acquiring a passport in Saint Kitts is the second easiest way to cut your global tax bill.

Saint Kitts and Nevis

Norfolk Island

In actuality, there are three islands, of which, Norfolk Island has specified immigration status, despite its nearness to south tropical Australia. It grants zero income tax, plus it allows the citizens of New Zealand and Australia to take residency with great ease.

However, other foreigners will have to struggle a bit proving their character certificate along with the financial background.

Norfolk Island

Turks And Caicos Islands

Turks and Caicos are the part of overseas British territories that uncovered the financial residency program which provides instant residence permits to the international immigrants, who either have spent a minimum of $300,000 constructing a new house or renovating a distressed property.

Turks And Caicos Islands

The British Virgin Islands

People often make pranks around Nomad HQ that the British Virgin Islands consist of a collection of funky, sophisticated words: “British”, “Virgin”, and “Islands”. Well, not just time but getting a residency permit here is quite easier. It won’t take more than a month or even less (in most cases) to get the permit in hand. You simply have to produce your bank documents proving that you are capable of affording the living standard of this destination. Lastly, you have to pay a surety bond of $1,000 only.

The British Virgin Islands


The Sultan of Brunei is so solvent that he does not need an investor to reside in his sultanate nestled in Malaysia’s Borneo region. However, you can surely attain a permanent residency permit here with a considerable investment.


Costa Rica

Costa Rica is another typical choice to attain, particularly for American ex-pats, investors, and retirees. Anyone with a minimum monthly income of $2,500 is eligible for being a resident in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica

Well, these are just a few tax-free countries that are currently ranking at the top for their tax-free program in the business and residential sectors. If you are a student and looking for a tax-free region to move to, kindly go through their rules and tax guide properly. Else, you may have to pay a noticeable tax to the dedicated national government to get the student residency there.

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