Top 10 Financial Courses to Pick in United Kingdom

21 out of Top 200 Business schools in the world are in the UK. The UK is home to 27 of the 70 Business schools in Europe featured in the QS Global 200 Business Schools Reports 2020. The UK is the most popular study destination for finance and banking centers. The UK has a strong Indian population base making it the most attractive destination for Indian students. The UK offers excellent job opportunities. Let us discuss the top 10 financial courses in the UK.

UK College

1. BSc Hons. in Accounting and Finance

This allows you to develop the broad set of skills which are important for a professional career. This course will equip you with the skills for a career in accounting and finance. It will also prepare you to join a general graduate training scheme, set up your own business or study at postgraduate level. Many graduates have gone onto work in large organizations including KPMG, Grant Thornton, Haines Watts etc. Course length 3 years or 4 years if a work placement is chosen.

The Average course fee is about 14,500 pound per year. Incoto creates a deeper understanding of economic theory. Graduates have excellent employment prospects. Recent students have progressed into prestigious jobs around the world including Senior Credit Analyst, Analyst Developer, Private Banking Executive etc. Course length is 1 year. Average course fee is 48,670 pound. Income Potential averages between 40,000 pound to 50,000 pound per year.

2. Masters In Finance

If the aspirant is interested in pursuing the program, he needs to have a relevant bachelor’s degree with 60% marks in the course and GMAT scores. If you are an aspirant thinking of doing a master of finance with a UK degree,it can be pursued as commercial or investment bankers, financial analysts,tax advisers, stock economists, financial managers, etc.

According to the 2021 stay back policy in the UK , the international students can easily do work post completion of the degree. Course duration is 1 year. Average course fee is 47,125 pound. Income Potential averages between 40,000 pound to 50,000 pound per year.

3. MSc in Finance and Accounting

Accounting and Finance is a kind of fluid and always changing sector. It consists of the innovations and best practices that continuously evolve to meet the world’s concerns, both on a local and global scale. A key feature of this course is the integration of finance modules and account modules throughout the taught programme. It is aimed at those who have an interest in solving problems and thinking critically.

The course welcomes those who have studied finance, accountancy, mathematics ,business, economics. It is also suitable for the persons who have gained relevant professional experience to continue to improve their career prospects. Course Duration is 1 year. Average course fee is 35,900 pound. Income potential averages between 27,000 pound to 49,000 pound per year.

4. MSc Financial Crime

This MSC is designed for professionals with senior management functions in business with strategic and decision making responsibilities for financial crime and compliance risks. This is an executive top up course, so you will need an ICA postgraduate Diploma in Governance Risk and Compliance or Financial Crime Compliance and ideally have at least 10 years of experience in practice. Through this course you will be equipped with the knowledge, expertise and skills needed to refine your own professional and scientific development.

This course is also a stepping stone for those considering studying for a PhD. Course Duration is 1 year. Average course fee is 10,000 pound. Income potential averages somewhere between 40,000 pound per year.

5. MSc Finance and Investment

This course will develop the knowledge and skills needed for an understanding of various theories, regulatory environment of financial market investment and techniques. Here the aspirant comes across the study of a range of finance and investment modules and learn simulation software and powerful financial databases.

A study of research methods will prepare the learner in a finance and investment context to undertake his own research project from expert academic staff in an area of finance and investment with supervision. Course duration is 1 year. Average course fee is 29,600 pound. Income potential averages between 55,000 to 65,000 pound per year.

6. MSc Finance and Management

This course will introduce you to sophisticated finance tools and techniques and give you an understanding of financial markets and institutions within global markets and institutions within a global context. You will learn how to understand the interplay between well functioning financial markets and successful companies, apply a full range of financial techniques to real life business situations, search and gather relevant financial information from multiple sources, including companies annual reports and financial databases, and determine the type of capital a company should raise to fund investment.

Course duration is 1 year. Average course fee is 28,420 pound. Income potential averages between 50,000 to 60,000 pound per year.

7. MSc Financial Technology

The UK is a global fintech hub, It has extensive financial services experience, talent with technology and regulation that is progressive. The UK fintech sector is the top ranking investment destination in Europe with 3 billion pound venture capital attracted in 2020. This course equips you to address the pervasive impact of disruptive financial technologies.

You will gain a distinctive, globally marketable set of skills.Course duration is 1 year. Average course fee is 24,000 pound but it differs from university to university. Income Potential ranges between 44,000 pound to 55,000 pound per year.

8. MSc Risk Management and Financial Engineering

This programme provides the aspirant with all the technical tools along with the knowledge needed to work effectively as a risk specialist in a bank whether it is a hedge fund or investment fund. In this course students learn to put into practice the latest academic thinking and business strategies.

The leading practitioners and available world class faculty, gives a thorough and hands-on understanding for managing risk . Course duration is 1 year. Average course fee is 39,000 pound. Income Potential ranges between 23,000 pound in starting and 29,000 to 44,000 pound after 6 years of experience per year.

9. MSc Financial Analytics

This programme offers a completely unique combination of a manifesting academic programme. It teaches the recent developments in data analytics along with a unique practitioners’ view of how these developments are shaping the practical aspects of finance. Let us take an example in which the programme teaches big data methods and applications of the origination of product , risk management,nand trading, applications to forecasting for text mining techniques , automation techniques with applications to robo advice and Financial Technical developments in banking.

This course is best suited for students with strong mathematical skills and quantitative backgrounds, such as finance, mathematics, engineering, computer science and economics. Course duration is 1 year. Average course fee is 19,050 pound. Income Potential averages at 44,000 pound per year.

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