Top 4 Luxury Cars To Take a Look on 2019

The car industry is more exciting than ever – and 2019 could increase its wow factor even more.

And thanks to experts like Imperial Cars, it has never been more straightforward to secure the perfect model.

Now really is the best time to get into motors. If luxury cars interest you, you’re in luck. We have identified the top four luxury automobiles of the year.

So, sit back and explore our comprehensive list.

Bentley Continental GT

Smart, suave, supreme. The Bentley Continental GT has it all. While it will no doubt suit all tastes, it could have a particular appeal for those wanting to sport a contemporary look. After all, let’s not forget that cars can be used to project a certain image.

This is because it exudes an effortless sense of cool. And that’s just its exterior. Internally, its W12 engine enables it to go from 0 to 60mph in just under four seconds. Yes, you read that correctly. Impressive, isn’t it?

Pristine specialist-made upholstery enhances its elegance further. No wonder it’s made it into the top four luxury cars of 2019.

Bentley Continental GT

Mercedes Benz V-Class

Nothing says luxury quite like Mercedes. The name itself evokes splendour – even when it’s placed in front of minivans. What makes this MPV stand out from all the rest is that it more than lives up to its promise. It provides practicality and grandeur at the same time, a benefit that few manufacturers provide.

Along with trends like the #VanMovement, Mercedes Benz has shown the world just how valuable and versatile these automobiles are – and that their usefulness exceeds the school run.

These deliver the perfect solution for getting from A to B with several heavy items – no matter how far the distance.

Mercedes Benz V-Class 2019

Toyota Camry

This make has undergone various transformations since its genesis in 1979. What once began as a retrospectively tiny car has evolved into a sleek hybrid wonder. Luckily, 2019 promises even bigger enhancements in its look and performance.

A face uplift, new features and a smoother driving experience are all on the cards. Its 2.5 litre inline 4 hybrid will remain the same – and rightly so. It already guarantees value for money.

Functional and fabulous, it looks set to become the everyday supercar of the year.

Toyota Camry

Volkswagen Arteon

To achieve an equal balance between style and safety, many drivers turn to Volkswagen. And it’s little wonder why. Like comfort, passenger protection seems paramount to the German manufacturer. It’s unsurprising, therefore, that the stunning 2019 Arteon carries both of these features.

With a larger interior than its previous model, it is ideal for long distance journeys. Its all-wheel-drive option also means that it can be used in a range of settings. Its enlarged base contributes to this, too. In regard to its capacity for speed, its four-cylinder engine guarantees powerful acceleration.

And of course, it offers luxury – and plenty of it. With an inside as glossy as its outside, it is bound to impress. What’s not to love?

We call them super cars for a reason. High-performance and beauty make these vehicles effortless and fun to drive. This year promises drivers the opportunity to operate the most advanced motors available.

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