Top Benefits of Honey – Why You Should Use it Regularly

What is Honey?

Honey is a thick and sweet golden colored liquid that bees create from the nectar of flowering plants. The process of creating honey is quite remarkable to say the least. To start, bees capture the nectar and then regurgitate the nectar. Next, the water evaporates from the nectar to produce the tasty golden liquid we know as honey.

In case if you were unaware, raw honey has many health benefits. Honey has been used as a remedy throughout history. In fact, honey is as old as written history dating back all the way to 2100 B.C. Honey is known as the first sweetener known to man, and received its name from the English honey. In the olden days, honey was highly valued and often used as a form of currency. Honey had many purposes, and was not limited to food and beverages. Honey was used to make cement, polish furniture, and for medicine.


Different Types of Honey

Many individuals believe there is only 1 type of honey, however that is far from the truth. The taste, smell, and texture can vary from honey to honey. Some different types of honey include, clover honey, lavender honey, acacia, alfalfa, chestnut, orange blossom, and sage. Recently, CBD honey sticks have emerged as the newest variation of honey. Not only do they provide the benefits of honey, but they provide the healing benefits of CBD. Many companies now carry CBD honey sticks. To learn more about CBD honey sticks here.

Top 3 Raw Honey Health Benefits

1. A reliable source of antioxidants

Raw honey is filled with plant chemicals acting as antioxidants. There are some forms of honey that contain as much antioxidants as fruits and vegetables. Antioxidants help prevent cell damage in the body due to free radicals. Free radicals participate in the aging process of the body, and contribute to cancer and hear disease.

2. Antifungal & Antibacterial Properties

Raw honey contains hydrogen peroxide. Because of this, research suggests raw honey can kill unwanted fungus and bacteria. As mentioned earlier, raw honey has been used as early as 2100 B.C. for many reasons including its healing benefits.

3. Heal Wounds

Manuka honey is an effective germ killer and has been found to aid in tissue regeneration.  Manuka honey can increase healing time and reduce the chances of infection. For these reasons, Manuka honey is used in many medical settings. It’s important to know, honey used in medical settings are medical grade. This means it has been inspected thoroughly and is sterile. Honey purchased from your local grocery store should not be used to heal cuts and wounds.

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