A short guide about the features of USB over Network

Remote work and collaboration often involve easy access to USB devices from different locations. Let us introduce USB over Network (USBoNET): a reliable digital product that bridges the gap between your PC and remote USB systems. By installing USBoNET, you can use USB peripherals as if they were connected to your computer or laptop, regardless of where they are actually located. Let’s talk more about the functionality and advantages of USBoNET and how it ensures effective communication.

Benefits of USB over Network

USB over Network is more than just a technology exercise; it represents a significant shift in how we work with digital communications. USBoNET is one of the most critical technologies enabling this transformation; USB sharing offers several benefits to ensure the smoothest possible transition:

  • Versatility: this software is compatible with all modern USB devices, including scanners, webcams, external hard drives, etc. It allows you to synchronize information between different tools.
  • Scalability: USBoNET allows multiple devices to be connected to an Ethernet system with dedicated hubs.
  • Ease of use: even a person who does not have programming skills can easily install and configure such software.
  • Reliability: The technology is based on using advanced network protocols to guarantee reliable data transmission. You don’t have to worry about the protection of your personal information.

Modern systems aim to simplify the use of different devices in our routine activities and reduce the risks of information leakage. Maximum security and reliability can be achieved through real-time data transfer.

USB Sharing Over Network

What types of access does the software provide?

USB over IP sharing enables remote configuration changes, troubleshooting, digital distribution, workflow tracking, and more. Below, we will talk about the most common uses of USBoNET:

  • USB sharing over the Network: USBoNET is a universal system that successfully interacts with various operating systems, including Linux, Windows, Android, etc. Teams of 50 or more participants can access a device connected via USBoNET.
  • Access to a remote device: do you urgently need to connect to a printer located in another part of town or perhaps in another country? It is unlikely to cause any difficulties since this solution will allow you to access your smartphone, storage gadget, or any other technology as if you connected these devices to your PC via the Internet or TCP/IP systems. To provide access to the USB drive, you must install the digital solution on both computers, click «Share» and connect after a few seconds.
  • USB sharing via RDP: if you’ve had to connect to a remote desktop before, you know the main drawback of such solutions is that you won’t be able to access USB devices. However, USBoNET port virtualization eliminates this problem by introducing particular protocols.
  • Access to USB devices in virtual machines: besides sharing USB devices over the Network, USBoNET offers access to devices in a virtual machine and vice versa. You must install the software on your host and virtual machine and connect during the session.

USBoNET provides a secure connection by forming an encrypted link between the user and the server. Additional security is provided by using a password that covers the server and individual USB devices.

Areas of use of USBoNET

This technology has found wide application in a variety of fields. Among the most common options it is worth highlighting:

  • Offices: USBoNET allows professionals to share USB devices such as printers or scanners. It is an excellent option to connect to a printer via a PC at any moment and print the necessary papers without leaving your workplace.
  • Home use: USBoNET allows you to use USB devices on any home computer without needing an additional manual connection. It dramatically simplifies home management tasks, reducing potential costs and effort. Anyone can ensure the correct functioning of devices with a few clicks.
  • Educational system: USBoNET allows using various functional USB systems in classrooms, including projectors and interactive whiteboards. It will enable the teacher to set up the equipment for lessons quickly.
  • Industry: technology allows you to control industrial machines effectively and collect information. Such innovations make it possible to simplify production procedures and improve the quality of work.

You can use such systems in any business process to help your specialists collaborate effectively and efficiently manage workflows.

Final words

To summarize, USBoNET is a powerful system for USB sharing. Its potential for redirecting USB devices to different PCs and operating systems via a network connection makes such software as effective as possible for individuals and businesses requiring gadget access. It is a comfortable system that you must have in your arsenal.

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