How To Validate Your Email List With MailboxValidator

Email Marketing is the best way to let your subscribers and customers know about your new services, products, sales, discounts, exciting offers, etc. It is also one of the most powerful ways to retain existing customers.

Marketers work really hard in gathering emails, designing and sending email newsletters. However, it will all go in vain if email marketing is not done right. Most of the email marketing campaigns fail because email marketers ignore some useful points.

If most of the emails you are sending to the people are bouncing back or failing to deliver then your money and the hard work will serve no purpose. What’s worse? When the subscribers report your emails as “SPAM”. It will disastrously affect your sender reputation and the performance of future campaigns.

So, what you need to do is validate your emails. Email verification makes sure that no email in your email list is invalid, spam or disposable and gives you a clean email list. Fortunately, MailboxValidator is the service that can help you out.

MailboxValidator is an online service which scans and checks the whole email list and provides details of the valid and the invalid emails. How does it work? Can we trust its results? We’ll get answers to all these questions right here, on this page. Let’s dig deeper into MailboxValidator.

Features Of MailboxValidator

Here are the features of MailboxValidator which make it an incredible email validation tool. All these features combine to help you reduce the bounce rate of emails and increase the success rate of email marketing campaigns.

Email Syntax Checker

This feature of MailboxValidator helps you to verify a list of emails and check if the email addresses conform to a valid email format.

Duplicate Email Remover

As the name suggests, duplicate email remover scans your list of the emails and removes all the duplicate emails to provide you a clean list of emails.

Free Email Provider Checker

Free Email Provider checker of MailboxValidator checks whether the emails in the list are from a free email provider like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc. or not.

MX Record Checker

MX record checker of MailboxValidator checks the existence of emails in the DNS.

MX Server Connection Checker

MailboxValidator has included MX record checker feature just to test for a successful network connection to the mail server. It’s really important to check if the server actually exists and is responsive.

Email Greylisting Checker

Some mail servers use the spam trap to identify the spam email addresses and block them forever to make their mailbox free of spam. So, email greylisting checker of MailboxValidator checks if the mail servers use the spam trap tool or not.

Suppressed Email Checker

If you have created a DO not email list of some email addresses but can’t check if some of those email IDs are also present in the email list of the subscribers then don’t worry as MailboxValidator has a perfect solution for that. The suppressed email checker checks if the email is on your Do not mail list.

Role Email Checker

The role email checker feature of MailboxValidator checks if the email belongs to a role like sales, admin, webmaster, PR, support, etc.

Bulk Validation Supported

If you have a huge list of emails then instead of doing the one-by-one email validation, you can do the bulk email validation. Upload the entire file of email addresses and speed up your email verification.

Disposable Email Provider Checker

Nowadays, disposable emails are being used by lots of people. These email addresses are temporary and get discarded after some time. If you send emails to these accounts, you will just waste your efforts and resources because either those email addresses don’t exist anymore or the owner has abandoned them. This will ruin your email delivery as the user is not going to receive your updates ever. So, to prevent this you can use Disposable email provider checker feature of MailboxValidator.

How to Validate your Email list with MailboxValidator

Above were the features of MailboxValidator which help you to remove the duplicate and invalid emails to reduce the bounce rate. Now, it’s time to know how does MailboxValidator work? How can you validate your email list in order to make your email marketing more efficient and productive?

What I liked the most about MailboxValidator is its ease of use. Validate a huge email list within a few steps. It doesn’t take much longer to validate emails using MailboxValidator.

  1. The first step to use MailboxValidator is to create an account. Well, creating an account with MailboxValidator is totally free. You only need to go to the official website of MailboxValidator, enter your email ID, password and verify your email ID.
  2. Once your email ID is verified, simply log in to your MailboxValidator account and click on the perform validation link as shown in the below image.
    You will receive 100 credits when you signup to MailboxValidator. So, you can test the software with this credit and buy more credits if you like the service and want to perform more validations.
  3. Now, if you only want a single validation then simply enter the email that you want to verify.
    But for bulk validation, you would need to have the list of the emails in a text document and upload it to the site.
  4. Once the validation process is completed, you will receive an email at your email address containing the download link of the resultant files.
    It will provide you a list of all the emails with their status, list of only valid emails and the list of good results. You can download them all.
  5. That’s not all, there is one more way to validate an email address using MailboxValidator and that is using its API key. You can perform single validation using the API key. When you signup to MailboxValidator it also offers a free plan of API key.

For using this, go to your dashboard and then select the API key. It will then provide various plans to choose from including the free plan that gets you 300 free queries.

Means, you can validate 300 emails using the free API plan.

Once you subscribe to the plan, MailboxValidator will provide an API key. So, simply create a query to the single validation as given below.<your API key>

Enter your API key, the email address to be validated and hit enter.


Bulk Plans

API Plans

Final Words

Overall, MailboxValidator is an amazing service and does what it claims. All the features of MailboxValidator make sure that your email list is validated perfectly and provides significant information regarding the validated emails. Another interesting fact is that it provides free email verification by giving 100 credits when you first sign up to for. The API key is also great for quicker validations.

The email addresses and your data is fully secure. They cannot read the data you upload. The API performs its function and returns a validated email list. No data is stored on the server, unlike other similar services. So, try the service for yourself and share your experience with us.

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