Watford Reminisces Legend in Win

The Hornets were surely sensational during their win against the Cherries two weeks ago, and their great outing could not have been more fitting in celebration of the third death anniversary of Watford legend Graham Taylor.

Troy Deeney sank down a goal in the 65th minute that pushed the team’s momentum to keep going until the game’s end. That gave them a 2-0 lead before Roberto Pereyra drained another one in stoppage time.

The team was impressive in both sides of the field, harassing players on the defensive end while running in midfield and attacking from all parts of the field. That was a headache for Bournemouth, and the Hornets simply cruised past the struggling team.

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It seemed that a string of wins was impossible for the team back when former Watford boss Quique Sanchez Flores was at the helm. That nightmare ended when the team finally decided to sack him.

Then came Nigel Pearson, who was the catalyst of the team’s ongoing hot surge in the Premier League. The team continues to be coming for teams one by one as they are trying to make the best of the season. Everything changed for the team when Pearson came in to lead the team.

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Amidst the third anniversary of Taylor’s passing, the team fought well and did well on the field. It was one of the moments where Deeney had fun in leading the team to a well-deserved 3-0 clean sheet win.

‘I saw some stuff on social media about Paul Robinson putting that GT was his idol’, said Deeney. ‘He was an inspirational man but not just for football people – but for people that came into contact with him. He’s definitely looking down and giving us a little kick up the backside to make sure we do it right – and we see Rita at games all the time’.

‘The word legend can be used too often but he is definitely a Watford legend’, Deeney continued. ‘As players, you have to realise what someone has done and to move forward you have to acknowledge the past. As players we appreciate we wouldn’t be in this position without him and we are just trying to move the legacy forward’.

Pearson says that the team will always continue to look up to Taylor. The Hornets boss admires the principles and beliefs that Taylor has taught him, and will continue to treat people good the same way that Taylor did.

‘You’ve got to remember the status of Graham Taylor at this football club, it’s huge’, said the Head Coach. ‘If that (winning on the anniversary) is something that gives the players and gives the fans an awful lot of pleasure, then I think that’s something else the players can be proud of. I’m sure he would have been proud of that performance because it showed a lot of grit and determination as well as ability’.

The Hornets are looking forward to battling the Premier League’s best in Liverpool. They seem to be hungry for revenge after Liverpool smashed them for a 2-0 clean sheet win back in 2019.

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