What is the Use of Dance Shoes?

Regular or professional dancers know the importance of wearing proper dance shoes when dancing. But for others, the big question that why it is necessary to wear dance shoes. How are these dance shoes different from regular street shoes? The main difference between them is that these specialized shoes have a non-slip sole made of suede. They also have a metal shank that is present in the arch of the shoe so that it provides better support to the dancer. These shoes are also quite lightweight and very flexible.

Ballroom dance shoes

When it comes to ballroom dance shoes, the men’s shoes are basically oxfords that have a flat heel for most standard dances and a 1 or 2 inches heel for Latin dances. In the women’s shoes, the form is equally important as their function. The shoes vary widely according to the different dance forms. The shoes for Latin, cha-cha, waltz, swing, foxtrot, etc. have different styles of shoes. The basic designs of ballroom dance shoes include closed or open toe pumps or sandals. The heels of women’s shoes can be slim or flared. The slimmer heels make it easy to make turns and flared heels provide more stability.

Ballroom Dancing Shoes


It is of utmost importance that these shoes have a non-slip sole. Suede soles are the best for this purpose as they provide the exact amount of grip and slide that is needed in the dance forms. Rubber soles like that of sneakers will stick too much to the floor causing a lot of friction when performing different dance moves. His can cause knee injuries. Leather soles on the other hand slide way too much. The soles of dance shoes are much thinner than normal shoes, so you should not wear them in place of your regular shoes. The shoes are always flexible and lightweight and also have a metal shank to provide support and stability.


The fit of your dance shoes need to be perfect, otherwise, you won’t be able to comfortably dance in them. The shoes should fit you snugly instead of crushing your toes. You should try out a different style of dance shoes before deciding the one you should buy. Ideal dance shoes will be comfortable as well as functional. For your first time, you should buy them in person. The salesperson might also be able to help you make a wiser decision. You can even take suggestions from your dance instructor. When you have found a perfectly fitting size, you can opt to buy them only in the same size.


You need to take proper care of your dance shoes if you want them to have a long life. You must never wear these shoes out on the streets. They are not meant for the rough and dirty ground and they will wear out soon. You should carry them in a bag and change into them before you start dancing.

If you regularly polish your shoes and try to keep them in their best condition, they will look good as well as help you dance better.

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