When should you send a reminder email?

Email marketing is a powerful way to keep in touch with your customers. You can send them updates, new products, and promotions or maintain contact. However, there are some times when you should not use email marketing. For example: if the customer has unsubscribed from your mailing list – they have asked you to stop sending emails; if the customer has requested that their name be removed from your email list; or if the customer has made an order within a specific time frame following receipt of the reminder email. If you’re looking for reminder email samples then make sure that you check on a reliable site

In this article, we will discuss when is the time you must send a reminder email.

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1. Lapsed communication

When a prospect has gone silent for days after the initial outreach, it’s time to send an email follow-up. The best timing is three or four weeks later. Make sure that if you sent any other reminders before this third one, such as thank you emails and just checking in at two weeks, that they were all within a week apart. If you sent a reminder four days ago and the prospect hasn’t responded, don’t send another one right away because it will look like spam.

In this case, wait for three or four weeks to pass again before sending your third follow-up email

2. Pending job applications or interviews

If you’ve applied for a position and haven’t heard back, follow up with the interviewer. If they have your application sitting on their desk without reviewing it, there’s no reason why another reminder email wouldn’t be helpful. But don’t overdo it – send one or two at most in any given month if you still haven’t received a response.

3. Late payments

Many banks and credit card companies will send a polite reminder when you are late on your monthly payment. If the recipient is in good standing, this would be an excellent opportunity to use a discount coupon or offer them additional time for their bill to arrive

4. Vendor issues

A typical example of a situation where you might need to send a reminder email is if your vendor or supplier has let slip that they aren’t making the deadline. In this case, it would be best for you, as someone who wants their product delivered on time and in full, to place them under some pressure by sending a reminder email.

5. Upcoming important events

For most businesses, there is at least one yearly event that requires attention. Your reminder email should be sent around the time of this annual event. If it’s a birthday celebration or an anniversary, send out your emails about two to three weeks ahead of time – again, because you don’t want to seem like spam and overwhelm them with too many emails 

6. Missed work deadlines

There’s nothing like seeing your work deadline in the calendar and realizing you missed it. Sending a follow-up reminder email is an effective way of saving face, letting them know they haven’t been forgotten about, and giving yourself one more chance to make this deadline.

We hope that you’ve understood when is the right time to send a reminder email to someone.

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