New Path Potential: Where to Start When Switching Careers 

If you asked every member of the working population if they’d like to switch careers you’d probably hear a resounding, yes! But the reality is that we stick to what we know because making the change can be daunting. Stepping out into uncharted territory can be difficult but the benefits of pursuing your passion are endless. Job satisfaction and an improved work-life balance are just a few of the reasons why switching careers will change your life for the better. If this sounds appealing but you’re a little unsure whether to take the leap of faith continue reading to find out where to start when setting off on your new path. 

Online Job Search Engines

Using online job search engines not only guide you to potential employers but also help you get a clear picture of the current climate. Head to, play around with keyword searches and locations and find out exactly what opportunities are local to you. You’ll know what salary to expect for particular roles and you’ll also find out information relating to expected responsibilities. You’ll find information on courses that are relevant to your desired role and how to apply for them. Online job search engines are a great way of sourcing a range of information from one place.

Switching Careers 

What’s Your Work Personality?

Working within the same four walls at, the same desk, in the same office for many years can suppress your true work personality. You become used to responding and reacting to challenges in a particular way and you end up losing part of yourself. When it comes to changing your career path, reconnecting with your work personality can help you narrow down your endless options. Using free online tools that ask you questions in order to determine your strengths and prominent traits will help you determine exactly what field you should be entering into. If you’ve been slogging away in the same industry for years you may be surprised at what new and exciting options are out there for you to explore.

Know Your Limits

If you’re experienced when it comes to life then likelihood is that you’ll have a few important responsibilities that you’ll need to consider before making the switch. Mortgage repayments, children who depend on you financially and insurance policies are all potential barriers you may face when transitioning to your dream career. Incorporating these factors into your plan will allow you to succeed but may just change the trajectory of your path a little. For example, you may need to spend time saving money before you change careers so you have a cushion should your children need resources for school. Or, if you need to move to another city for work you may make the decision to wait until your child has finished their current grade. Nothing is impossible, it just takes careful planning and consideration. 

Do You Need To Upskill?

The likelihood is that you’ll need to learn some new skills and knowledge. Not all roles require a relevant degree so it could be that you take some online classes or a short course to support your professional development. Researching the role and talking to potential employers will help you determine what qualifications you need to be a successful applicant. Generic courses such as time management and first aid will increase your chances of standing out to an employer and can transfer across many different industries. 


When it comes to making the change, having confidence in your decision will affect your success. Research the current market, get back in touch with your true personality and reap the rewards of a happier life and career.

Robyn Matthews started writing about technology when she was far too young and hasn't stopped. She spends most of his time obsessing over computer software and hardware, and loves talking about herself in third person.