Why Do You Need the VPN Kill Switch? 

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) serves like a channel or path that securely lets us send or receive data from a device to a network over the internet. It basically protects our online traffic from any kind of surveillance, interference, censorship or snooping. A VPN acts as a proxy, masking the user’s IP address and allowing them to surf the web from an anonymous location. For example, if an individual resides in the country of China, with the use of a Virtual Private Network can appear to live in Bangladesh, Canada or any other gateway countries or cities of their choice. A VPN enables us to unblock the internet and surf the content that is not available in our region.

The Functionality and Benefit of using a VPN

Once we start the VPN software from our respective VPN service on our device, the software encrypts our data even before the internet service provider does. First, the data from the device goes to the VPN and then the VPN server sends the data to our respective online destinations, over the internet. Thus showing the online server as the data is coming from a VPN server from its’ respective location instead of the original server from the original device and the original location.


When we connect to the web normally without using any VPN software, all the data sent from our devices are open and any capable third party can access the raw data. On the other hand, when we use a VPN, our data becomes encrypted as the VPN itself is a third party software that connects to the web on our behalf. This results in other interfering parties accessing only the encrypted information instead of the raw one. A VPN is available for any device that lets you connect to the web and helps you in masking your IP address and user location, gives you security from hackers or any third party willing to gather your information, provides you with a secure communication gateway and helps you access all the contents from the web censored by your government.

What is a VPN Kill Switch?

Over the years, VPN has become a necessary tool for all the corporates and individuals who are seeking for a no-hindrance connection to the web. But at times, due to several issues such as a sudden drop in the network connection or the malfunctioning of the VPN software, your device might switch back to the default public IP address provided by your internet service provider thus setting the third parties free to track your activities and access your data. The most dangerous part is that the user might not even know when the above incident happened. This is where a VPN kill switch comes into play.

A VPN kill switch is a software that continuously monitors your device’s connection to the VPN server. If your device loses its’ connection from the VPN server due to a connection drop or any other problems caused in the server or VPN software, the switch immediately cuts your connection from the web. Thus blocking you from accessing it and letting other parties access or track your private data. The connection stays blocked until your VPN tunnel is restored.

In this world of increasing cyber-crime rates with every passing day, it is highly recommended for an individual to use the maximum available security options while performing important tasks over the internet. Where tools like the VPN kill switch always have your back in cases of emergency.

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