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For those people who usually need to find details about a person or for someone who is in need to find personal information about a person staying in the US, ZabaSearch is a great website. It can help you find lots of details about a US person in seconds which can otherwise take hours of research.

ZabaSearch is a search engine which allows any person from all over the world to find personal information about a person staying in the US by just entering his First & Last Name. Yes! You heard it correctly. You will able to get details such as Resident Address, Phone Number, Property Information, Birth Date, Zip Code, etc. of a person by entering his/her First & Last Name in ZabaSearch search field.

How to Use ZabaSearch

ZabaSearch is a great tool to instantly find important personal details about a person at one place which is scattered online. If you want to use it to find details about any US person, visit the people finder tool by following this link –

At the homepage, ZabaSearch provides two separate fields – search people by their name (First & Last Names) or search people by their phone number. So, enter whatever starting details you have.

The phone number search can provide you unique search result but in the case of Name search, many people can have same First & Last Names so there can be few search results. However, you can narrow down the search result if you know the person’s state because ZabaSearch lets you choose the state to filter out many useless search results from the results page which appears when you click Search button or hit ENTER.

Once you get the search result, you can narrow it down further by selecting City too.

Click on More info link to get more details about any search result you see in ZabaSearch page and it will expand to provide you almost all required information.

ZabaSearch Premium benefits like verifying email address, phone number, zip code, more search results, etc. which were available at a price earlier are now available for free. So, if you want to enjoy these features of this awesome People finder tool, all you need to do is login ZabaSearch using Facebook. After that, you will get more search results and verify contact information.

With all these features combined, I can tell that using ZaberSearch, you can get all the details about a person for which you have to pay the price on other people finder tools online.

How ZabaSearch Get Its Data

ZabaSearch reveals so much information about a person so that the site has been always controversial among people claiming ZabaSearch to fetch its data from unethical sources and keep sensitive information. However, let me assure you that all the data available through ZabaSearch are obtained from public records available online. Those public records are already available to get accessed by anyone. ZabaSearch only organizes data from many public records for a person and show it in one place.

Zabasearch fetches data from the phone directory, public records cache, social networking sites or other informational listings. If you have sold or purchased a property, filled an online survey form, files divorce case, your information might be available on the Internet. Some states put their voters’ polling data available online to the public. ZabaSearch fetches data from such sources but every bit of information provided through this website about a person is available online publicly.

How to Remove Your Information from ZabaSearch

If ZabaSearch is showing your personal details too and you’re not comfortable with it then you can block your information to appear on ZabaSearch by following the steps provided by ZabaSearch record blocking page. ZabaSearch first needs to confirm your identity and for the same, they will ask you to fax your ID by crossing your photo on it. After that, they will tell you what further steps or time will it require to remove your information from ZabaSearch.

However, please note that even if you’ve blocked your data to appear on ZabaSearch, they are still many people finder websites from where users can search your information. Or, if that’s not in their reach, they can do the research on the Internet manually. So, the safest way to keep your personal information protected is to don’t allow them to get leaked online at the first place.

  • Never fill out forms with your personal information aggressively
  • Read Terms of Service & Privacy Policy of a service before signup up for it
  • Use VPN to protect your identity online
  • Never share personal information to unknown person online
  • Never share personal information through insecure means

Wrapping it Up

ZabaSearch is a useful tool for anyone looking to find details about a person living in the United States. ZabaSearch is itself a search engine so it only indexes the data it finds online and doesn’t save it anywhere. And, all the data is fetched from legal source. So, its fast, easy and safe to search for any person’s details through ZabaSearch.

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