Zero Forex Card: A Budget-Friendly Solution for Indian Travelers

Travelling internationally can be an expensive affair. From flight tickets and hotel bookings to food, commuting, and shopping, every little thing adds up. One major expense that travellers often overlook is currency exchange and overseas transactions. Most Indian debit/credit cards charge a foreign currency markup fee of 3.5% or more on international transactions.

However, with the right Zero Forex card, you can save substantially on currency conversion charges and transaction fees. One such game-changing travel card is the Niyo Global Card, which comes with zero forex markup.

In this blog, we will explore why Niyo Global is the ideal budget travel card for Indian globetrotters.


Overview of Niyo Global Card

The Niyo Global Card is an international travel debit card launched by fintech company Niyo. It is a multi-currency forex card that allows you to load money in Indian Rupees and spend across 150+ countries in local currencies without any markup fee.

Essentially, it functions as a zero-balance savings account with an integrated VISA Signature Debit Card. You earn up to 7.5% interest on the account balance. The card gives you full access to your money through ATM withdrawals, card payments as well as online transactions globally.

Key Benefits of Niyo Global Card

Here are some of the most noteworthy benefits of choosing Niyo Global Card for your overseas trips:

Zero Forex Markup

The biggest USP of Niyo Global Card is zero foreign exchange markup on international transactions. With Niyo Global, you only pay the base exchange rate without any hidden charges.

Zero Issuance/Annual Fees

There are no fees for opening or maintaining a Niyo Global account and card. You get a complete fee waiver on card issuance, renewal, loading, fund transfers, etc. It is absolutely free to manage.

Earns Interest up to 7.5% p.a.

Your account balance earns at an interest rate of up to 7.5% per annum which gets credited at the end of every month. It’s like a high-yield savings account that grows your money while travelling internationally.

Travel Insurance

The Niyo Global Card’s Travel Mode allows you to transition from your regular banking to a travel-focused experience effortlessly. With a simple switch, you can access a curated itinerary, obtain instant cash, secure comprehensive travel insurance from India, and even process your online visa – all within the Niyo Global app.

Purpose & Uses of Niyo Global Card

The Niyo Global travel card serves a variety of purposes for Indian travellers heading abroad:

  • Overseas vacation expenses – Shopping, dining out, internal travel, accommodation, etc.
  • Paying university/college fees
  • Business trips & expenses – Hotels, commutes, meals, conferences, etc.
  • Booking international flight tickets from India
  • Online shopping on international websites
  • Paying freelance service fees to overseas clients
  • Withdrawing emergency cash from ATMs abroad
  • Loading up forex for future trips in advance


To wrap up, the no-forex fee Niyo Global Travel card is a total game changer for Indian jet-setters. It makes foreign currency handling and overseas transactions way more affordable and transparent. The fully digital account opening and card issuance is a bonus.

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