14 Stiletto Nails Designs Every Lady Wants to Copy

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When it comes to nails that exude boldness, we cannot underestimate the impact of stiletto nails. These trendy hairstyles have been spotted by red carpet regulars such as Kylie Jenner, Lana Del and Rihanna and they really rock. You may not like the design, but the truth is these creative designs are here to stay.

Also called claw or talon nails, these super point nail designs are sexy, chic and sophisticated and anyone can rock them. Stiletto nails give us an opportunity to experiment with our nails and be more creative. We have compiled the most beautiful claw nail ideas that will impress you. Take a look.

1. Baby Blue and Glitter.

Stand out from the crowd with this baby blue stiletto nails design with gold glitter. These nails are excellent for ladies with small hands and fingers since they bring an illusion of longer hands and fingers.

2. Black Hearts.

Probably you have seen it with some of the celebrities. It is a nail design that complements any outfit. It is a good example to show that simple black nail polish can come up with a pretty nail design.

Pink Glitter Nails Design

3. Matte Pink and Gold Accents.

This is a sure-fire stiletto nail design to seal the attention of everyone wherever you go. It is something you should opt for. Whenever you wear them, everyone around will notice them.

4. Nude and Neon Pink.

Sometimes wearing the same nail design can be boring. So why don’t you try a different shape and design that is new and amazing? The nude and neon pink could be the best place to start.

5. Nude and Rhinestone Accent.

This stiletto nail design is simple but chic and exciting. When added rhinestones, it is ideal for special events. You can not get it wrong with this design.

6. Matte Pink and Blue Plus Rhinestones.

Many women think that you have to include jewelry for them to rock rhinestones on their nails. That is not true. Rhinestones are a straightforward way to decorate your nails and make them the center of attraction.

7. Black and White.

While and black complement each other so well with the subtle contrasting that is beautiful especially on nails. You can also decide to include rhinestones and silver glitter to the mix and make your white and black stiletto nails a show-stopper.

Modern Nail Designs

8. Matte Neon Pink and Nude.

The combination of simple matte neon and nude is the one you cannot fail try this year. This sophisticated design is suitable for warmer weather.

9. Black and Negative Space.

The art of negative space is becoming a cutting-edge trend in 2019. You have seen these stiletto nails designs rocked by many trendsetters. You can choose any pattern to do your negative space and appears exemplary in any shade you choose.

10. Beautiful Matte Nails.

You don’t have to master the nail art for you to draw attention to your nails. It is possible if you polish your stiletto nails in matte.

11. Matte and Rhinestones.

Rhinestones are the trick if you want your nails to shine. It is the best way to include color and shine to your outfit.

12. Burgundy and Accent Nail.

The burgundy shade can stand by itself and still look beautiful on your nails. However, when you incorporate pearls and rhinestones on your accent nails, the design moves from one level to a higher level of elegance.

13. Red and Rhinestones.

Without a doubt, red is a romantic and attractive shade. Hence it is not unusual that women become more feminine and confident when they rock red, stiletto nails. That is what you become when you rock this nail design.

14. Blue, Nude and Rhinestones.

You may think that nude and blue cannot pair well o your nails, but wait until you see it on someone. You will be challenged to go and try it on your nails. This combination is one of the hidden color combinations for your nails.

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