5 Ways Development Teams Are Leveraging the Cloud in 2019

Prediction? Cloud software development is going to be big in 2019.

Application development continually evolves as apps consume more computing resources yet need to be simpler, faster, and easier to use. Cloud technologies are now revolutionizing coding and app development in many ways.

With the cloud providing such flexibility, software development team will continue to build their operations around it.  Cloud DevOp teams will build, test and deploy software entirely through a virtual cloud. In 2019, expect to see more and more software developers utilize the cloud to make better code faster.

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How Development Teams Are Using the Cloud in 2019

2019 is poised to be a banner year for software development in the cloud, especially when coupled with DevOps.  In fact, one poll said that IT teams saw a 129% improvement in overall software delivery performance when using both DevOps and the cloud. Additionally, organizations experienced a 99% better predictability of software performance.

How can your team leverage the gains from the cloud into your software development?

Here are some of the major ways savvy coders are piggybacking on the cloud to get great apps developed:

1. Cloud Automation

“Automation” continues to be more than just a buzzword but a complete revolution in the way we use technology. In software development, cloud automation helps to speed up the software delivery pipeline and reduce the time spent on redundant tasks. While there are several opportunities for automation, many teams look at automating API management and system analytics in the cloud.  Additionally, automation can help teams leverage machine learning.

2. Cloud Registries

Cloud-based registries and code libraries can be central repositories for important code snippets and data that can be reused and reutilized depending on the application. This also makes testing and debugging a lot easier and cleaner.

3. Cloud Security

Security is important, especially when developing software applications that handle sensitive data such as financial information or patient records. These applications need to be secure and bulletproof so hackers can’t get in once the code is live and steal sensitive info.

Local storage solutions used to be thought of as more secure, but not anymore. Cloud security has advantages, such as remote real-time monitoring and encryption. In fact, cloud security has become so safe that companies that are not leveraging the cloud are falling behind.

Some of the largest data leaks can be attributed to hackers finding data being kept locally and not in the cloud. Often, if DevOps teams are able to redeploy software often and securely, many data breaches may be preventable.

4. Cloud Collaboration

Cloud collaboration is a huge boon to programmers who want to brainstorm, interact, and virtually meet with colleagues and coders around the world. While once passed off as just a fad for startups, companies of all sizes now realize that cloud-first strategies can unlock innovation among DevOps teams.

Whether it is communicating via a group chat system such as Slack, sharing bug reports on Github, or using a more sophisticated enterprise collaboration systems to interact, cloud collaboration is the future of coding.

5. Cloud Universality

Cloud systems have come along way, and they have become extremely versatile. The idea behind cloud universality is that the cloud development platform can support diverse languages, technologies, frameworks, and other things a programmer might need to get the job done.

In the long run, we may see fewer and fewer software applications being restricted to just Windows or Macintosh operating systems. In the future, we will have apps that can run on anything from anywhere.

Cloud Automation Can Take Software Development to the Next Level

The great news about the cloud is that through cloud innovations such as automation, software development can be faster and easier. The sooner companies can adopt both cloud technology and DevOps, the more competitive they will be. Modernizing existing applications for the cloud, developing new cloud-hosted applications and using automation held the cloud will help DevOps build new technologies and innovate faster.

Thanks to the cloud, developers can collaborate more easily, test and debug code in a central place, and have better security. All of these innovations and more are why more software developers will be leveraging the cloud in 2019 and beyond.

Ranbeer Maver is a Computer Science undergraduate. He's a geek who embraces any new consumer technology with inhuman enthusiasm.