7 Easy Ways to Successfully Promote Your Instagram

Instagram has grown to be one of the most used social media networks in the world. It provides you with an extensive reach to millions of daily active users. Getting a massive following on Instagram is more than just posting photos and captions. You have to put in some effort into promoting your account to give it the best chance of success.

Since Instagram added algorithms to curate user’ feed, it stopped being a numbers game. Therefore, the use of bots and buying followers is an inadequate way to boost your IG support base and following. Here are a few tips on how you can implement, for your IG’s promotion strategy.


1. Play with Videos

Videos may be a taxing endeavor but they are memorable, captivating and they engage the viewers. To top it all of you have the option of adding sound, which you can use to embed audio explanations. Unlike photos, videos have to lapse for 10 seconds before users decide to scroll past them or lose attention. They offer you a way to provide value for your brand while telling a story and entraining audiences.

Feel free to use unorthodox editing techniques to achieve distinctive results. This way you will be giving your viewers something they won’t find elsewhere.

2. Call for User-Generated Content

Requesting and sharing pictures and other content posted by your followers can go in hand with promoting your account. In truth, it is more like getting your followers to promote your channel. You get more exposure and increase your followers, who are highly likely to re-post it. This feature means that their followers will see it and a chain of more reposts will ensue.

When you request for content, it leads to more people following you and also submitting their images. In the end, they will expose your business.

3. Exploit Instagram Stories

With smartphone touchscreens, users have an effortless way of scrolling past content. If a user sees a bland or uninteresting photo, they will just scroll past it within 2 seconds of laying eyes on it. The trick in shoring up your numbers is by having a way to engage their attention for up to 10 seconds. Instagram stories are the perfect go-between images and videos.

They take less time and effort to prepare and upload. If your choice in sequential images is captivating enough, most users will look at the presentation for at least 25 seconds.

4. Have Less Post

Since Instagram got rid of chronological feeds, it has become harder for people who do not follow you to see your posts. It also means that your posts will not appear on your followers to see them if you post on an irregular schedule. You have to engage your followers on a consistent and scheduled manner to grow on IG.

You can use Instagram business analytics to find out when your core followers and targeted followers and niches are active. Then schedule your post according to your fans’ schedule.

5. Create Especially For Instagram

Engaging with your followers has become the main way to experience any growth on Instagram. This action means that the quality and the effort you put into your posts is more important than ever. Using specially created content on IG can be an avenue for making more money; you can always monetize your account. This feature is available because loads of corporations and Instagram influencers relish the opportunity to work with Instagrammers that can create unique content.

6. Show Love to Your Followers

Designer Rebecca Minkoff has gained a huge following simply by sharing photos of fans featuring her products. This has had a manifold effect, other followers and fans make posts that feature the brand’s hashtags or account name in the hopes that they will be next ones to be picked. If you are a brand, you could stand to gain a lot by using this strategy.

7. Having a Guest Instagrammer

Instagram has made celebrities out users who know how to pull attention to their accounts. These celebs can get thousands of followers, likes, and comments each time they post. Your brand could benefit immensely from welcoming an Instagram celeb. You can have them take over all the activity on your IG for a day or cover a key event. Their star quality will rub off on you, and their followers will gain exposure to your brand.

Robyn Matthews started writing about technology when she was far too young and hasn't stopped. She spends most of his time obsessing over computer software and hardware, and loves talking about herself in third person.